The Division GDC trailer showcases Snowdrop engine's visuals, flexibility

Omri Petitte at

During Ubisoft Massive's latest video tour of The Division's impressive Snowdrop engine at GDC 2014, one developer likened his ease of creating a bleak depiction of urban decay to tinkering with a Lego set. That's definitely not the same kind of Legos I remember growing up with, but the analogy is pretty apt considering the studio's deep drive to portray a massively multiplayer post-apocalyptic city in as much detail as possible.

Defiance launches, shoot lots of space bugs in a ruined San Francisco

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Defiance has made the trailer rounds here for a number of months, showing a San Francisco Bay Area shuddering beneath an alien invasion as a narrative tie-in to the upcoming SyFy channel TV series. Today, Trion announced that the MMO third-person shooter is out now on Steam—for a steep $60, you'll join the rest of humanity's defenders in recovering alien tech while squashing exploding bugs.

Defiance trailer shows the weird weapons of future San Francisco

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While previous Defiance trailers have focused on the unusual nature of Trion/SyFy's cross-media experiment, here we get something of much more interest to those planning to play it: Weapons! Weird weapons, too. There's a gun that hatches hideous giant tick-like things, one that shoots lightning, and one that grounds your enemies in place with sticky black goop. There's also one that shoots bullets into your opponents. For the traditionalists.