Planetside 1 is now free-to-play, with a working download link to boot

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We mentioned t'other day that the first Planetside had been made free-to-play as part of SOE's all-encompassing (sorta) All Access subscription program, but at that time SOE had apparently melted under the strain, so we couldn't fling a download link in your direction. Now we can. Look at it there, all hyperlinked and lovely. You'll need 1.8 of your finest gigabytes to download the setup file - a tolerance for 2003 textures will probably help as well.

Survarium opens its doors for one-day beta access this Friday

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Survarium—the Stalker-ish free-to-play online shooter—is preparing for "Doors Open Day" this Friday. Think of it like the opening of Pandora's box, only instead of all the world's evil, it's letting loose limited access to the game. And instead of a slow descent into guilt and madness, you've got a gun.

For 24-hours only, the game will be available to try in open beta, after which, its doors again slam shut. As early warning for what to expect, creators Vostok have created a video preview of the game's progress.

PlanetSide 2's PlayerStudio helps players get rich by making hats

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Looking for an exit strategy from your dead end job and have a keen eye for showstopping sci-fi helmet design? Perhaps you should consider a sideline making user-generated content for PlanetSide 2. We spoke with the game’s senior art director Trammel Isaac, who told us power users like CoffeeOutlaw are already making thousands of dollars making and selling new looks for existing weapons and equipment in the game through the Player Studio program.

Planetside 2 update redesigns Amerish, new trailer rounds up the changes

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Dammit, Planetside 2! Every time they release a new continent-wide update, they upgrade the chosen landmass to utilise the redesigned Lattice system. What they mean is a linking series of attack avenues, designed to focus the flow of battle and create natural chokepoints for large-scale battles. What I always think of is lovely, tasty pastries. I'm hungry now, so thanks a lot SOE.

Other than the delicious lattice, Amerish has also been spruced up with more detail, optimised performance and repositioned bases. You can see a full round of the changes in the new update trailer.

Planetside 2 introduces weekly updates

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Sony Online Entertainment has been pretty good about updating Planetside 2. As part of its Operation: Make Faster Game (OMFG) it released Performance Update 01 and 02, which addressed a very long list of balancing and performance issues. But players had to wait for them for a long time. This week, SOE announced that rather than huge, infrequent updates, starting this year it will release smaller weekly updates.

Planetside 2's PU02 patch brings more optimisation, holiday distractions, and an absurd number of balance changes

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Planetside 2 is a game about big numbers. There's the size of its continents, or the number of players warring on them, or even the statistical likelihood that I will crash a Mosquito seconds after getting into its pilot seat. Clearly, though, SOE are beginning to take this numerical dedication too far. They've just released the game's second Performance Update patch and, rather than stick purely to optimisation changes, they've also made a balance pass so extensive that its section of the official patch notes is over 10,000 words long.

Planetside 2 could get personal progression system to add long term goals

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The economy of war is an important thing. Probably more important than the economy of Planetside 2, which is a sci-fi video game about war. Luckily, as a PC gaming website, we don't have to worry about importance - leaving us free to pursue news about lasers and robots. In a Q&A with the community on Reddit's r/Planetside, PS2's creative director Matt Higby revealed plans for personal progression system that would provide customisation that went beyond certificates.

Planetside 2's anniversary brings birthday bundle, contest to turn player stories into graphic novel

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Most one year olds like to celebrate their birthday by falling over or, if they're feeling really adventurous, dribbling a bit. Like an unnaturally violent infant, PlanetSide 2 prefers to arm its players with a selection of rockets, weapons and bonuses. To celebrate their bouncing babby MMOFPS's continued survival, SOE have created a special anniversary bundle, offering a selection of hardware and buffs for a reduced price.

Planetside 2's first Performance Update goes live, makes faster game

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SOE have today released the first step of their OMFG (or, Operation: Make Faster Game) initiative. Performance Update 01 has just gone live, and it's changelist is a catalogue of tweaks, full of words like "optimized," and "faster," and "reduced". It turns out that framerates are OP.

PlanetSide 2 launches "Operation: Make Faster Game," which aims to make the game faster

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Really, SOE? You're calling your plan to increase PlanetSide 2's performance "Operation: Make Faster Game"? That's not how you do operation names. You don't see military-minded nations announce Operation: Invade That Country Over There. And, as far as I know, the police have never made mass arrests under the banner of Operation: Lock Up Some Crims. Okay, so maybe I'm focusing on the wrong part of this behind-the-scenes video, and its showcased team's stated aim of further optimising the MMOFPS.

Planetside 2 trailer introduces the swamp continent of Hossin

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Planetside 2 already has the ice world, the desert world, and the kind of bland greenery world. What's next on the video game bingo card of potential environments? Water world? Too soggy. Lava world? Too deadly. Dinosaur world? Too... awesome? Instead, they've gone with the slightly less common swamp world, introducing the boggy fourth continent of Hossin during last weekend's SOE Live event.

PlanetSide 2 update adds 'lattice system' to Esamir. Mmm, lattice system

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PlanetSide 2 has received another game update, this one focusing on how battles work on the super-chilly continent of Esamir. As Massively note, it revolves around the 'lattice system', which is quite possibly the best name for a system I've ever heard. Lattice was introduced way back in update 9, but it's only just gone live - via update 13 - for Esamir, and the map's been updated to compensate. In other news, I have no idea what 'lattice system' means in this context, but now all I can think of is delicious pie.

Possible PlanetSide 2 character buffs stir up community

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"Yoink!" That's the imaginary sound we hear when a long-planned feature in PlanetSide 2 gets yanked from an upcoming patch to the game. Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley tweeted yesterday that following community feedback, consumable, class-boosting implants would not be part of the free-to-play MMO shooter's next update.

Firefall open beta launched, live-action trailer proves unusual way to celebrate

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Firefall's open beta has now launched. You can go and play it right now. Or you can stay, and watch the live-action trailer released by Red 5 Studios to mark the expansion of their MMOFPS. I'm not saying you'll enjoy it - it's really quite bad - but if you've an appreciation for cheese, you will find an almost sickening amount of it inside.

New Survarium alpha screenshots show off rust, decay, fog

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New screenshots of Survarium, the online spiritual successor to Stalker, have surfaced from the game’s alpha development phase. Stalker, the fantastic first-person shooter with a legion of devoted fans, set expectations high for Stalker 2, which was then unexpectedly and unceremoniously cancelled. Since the sequel officially died, Stalker 2’s former developers have set up shop as Vostok Games to pursue an MMOFPS version of the game that never happened.

PlanetSide 2's Battle Island to bring smaller scale skirmishes with an e-sports focus

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For most multiplayer FPS's a 96-player map would be considered pretty big. For PlanetSide 2 and it's continent wide military manoeuvres, it's a vast reduction. It's one being made with a view to better supporting e-sports - reducing the size of the conflict to something more suited to competitive play. SOE have produced a video showcasing the first planned map, Nexus.

Get in here stalker: Survarium alpha set to expand soon

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I still can't pronounce its name without adding an extra 'iv' in the middle - 'Survivarium' just sounds so much better to my ears - but I'm still champing at the bit to play this sorta-spiritual-successor to the Stalker series. Survarium is currently undergoing a selective alpha test, but as this tweet from the development team reveals, the rusty iron door to the survivalist MMOFPS is about to be opened a little wider. Head here to register for a chance to join the post-apocalyptic battle for survival, but remember to pack your Geiger counter.

PlanetSide 2 to include user-generated missions from August

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Top news for bossy players: PlanetSide 2 will be introducing user generated missions. SOE's MMOFPS is set to give those carrying the correct command certs the ability to specify objectives, letting others browse and pick a player-made mission that takes their fancy. It certainly sounds a more elegant system then spamming "ATTACK THE THINGS!" in chat.

Planetside 2 update aims to improve "Quality of Life"

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SOE have detailed Game Update 11 for PlanetSide 2. It's due to arrive today out now, and brings what creative director Matthew Higby describes as "a pure 'Quality of Life' patch." That means no fancy new buggies, empire-specific rocket launchers or latticed maps. Instead, you're getting a huge changelist of tweaks and enhancements to make your experience in-game that much more pleasant. At least until you're shot or something.

DayZ creator Dean Hall answers a slew of questions, from suicide to safe zones

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DayZ creator and lead designer Dean Hall sat down and answered questions submitted and voted on by the r/DayZ community. Reddit user DrBigMoney compiled the questions and sent them around to media outlets, and VG24/7 managed to get Hall on camera to answer.