MLG Winter Championship 2012

The Week in eSports (3/30/2012)

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I'm not going to lie: I'm pretty happy with my coverage of the MLG Winter Championship last weekend. But nothing beats seeing it with your own eyes, so I thought I'd call you attention to five of my favorite games from the event. Then we'll talk about what else is going on this coming week, and some of the big eSports news stories that are starting to take shape right now.

But first, let's look at some good StarCraft 2 matches.

MLG 2012 Winter Championship - Day 3: MarineKing and DRG go the distance

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In the final day of competition at the MLG Winter Championship, there was a sense of inevitability to most of the matches. MarineKing (Korean Terran player Lee Jung Hoon) and DongRaeGu (Korean Zerg Park Soo Ho) were on track for a rematch following their duel in the Winter Arena Final. They were dominant in their pools, and few of their competitors looked like they could string together enough solid games to upset either. When DRG and MarineKing met in the winner's bracket final, it was almost a sure bet that they would be meeting again in the Championship Final.

Still, a lot of great StarCraft 2 happened along the way. While DRG and MKP were rarely (if ever) in serious trouble, they faced opponents like Complexity's Heart (Terran Korean Kim Min Hyuk) and Parting (Protoss Korean Won Lee Sak) who were capable of inspired play and last-minute rallies that sometimes made it look like neither MKP nor DRG would make it to the Final.

MLG Winter Championship Day 2 Notes and Highlights: IdrA's Very Bad Day

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The MLG Winter Championship at Columbus concludes today, starting at 10 AM Eastern and the Championship Finals commence at 6 PM Eastern. Before we find out who this season's top StarCraft 2 player is, however, we should revisit the action from yesterday.

One of the big storylines going into this tournament was Greg "IdrA" Fields' streak of bad competition performances. Columbus was an opportunity to put that behind him, and show that he remains a top foreign Zerg player.

Notes and Highlights from the MLG Winter Championship - Day 1

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The first day of the MLG Winter Championship had some great match-ups and, if the rest of the competition maintains this quality, we should be in for a memorable weekend. With four HD StarCraft 2 streams for MLG Gold Members, there was almost always something good to watch. There were some technical glitches, particularly for some of the secondary streams, but the Central Stream was generally picture-perfect as Day[9], DJWheat, Tastless, and Artosis called the day's top battles.

Before I dive into another day of marathon StarCraft, I thought I'd write-up my first impressions of this championship tournament.