MLG Spring Arena 2012

Ready Up - Red Bull Battlegrounds brings StarCraft 2 to Austin City Limits

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It might seem like a quiet time in eSports, with the MLG now looking ahead to its Spring Championship in Anaheim (June 8 - 10), and with the GSL season having just concluded with MVP's victory over Squirtle. But fear not: this Memorial Day weekend still has plenty of StarCraft 2 action thanks to the Red Bull Battlegrounds in Austin.

The 16-player tournament kicks off with pool play tomorrow at 2 P.M. Eastern time, but it starts broadcasting tonight at 9 P.M. Eastern with a pre-show panel featuring all the competitors and casters. After Saturday's pool play, the top two players in each of the four pools will compete in a bracket playoff on Sunday.

Battle Report: DreamHack crowns ThorZaIN, DRG dethrones MKP at MLG Spring Arena

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This weekend promised to be a great one for StarCraft II fans, and it did not disappoint. On the one hand, MLG Spring Arena 1 wrote another chapter in one the best stories in eSports right now: the incredible rivalry between the world's greatest Terran and Zerg players, MarineKing and DRG. For the third straight MLG tournament, the two cleared the field of pretenders to square off in a seven-game series. Meanwhile, DreamHack EIZO Open played host to one of the feel-good stories of the year, as the unassuming Swedish Terran ThorZaIN (Marcus Eklöf) carved his way through a crowded field and far more successful players to take a championship in front of his hometown crowd in Stockholm. The cheering was so loud that windows were probably shaking in Helsinki.

This was also a weekend that really showed how these games and tournaments do not happen in isolation.