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Minecraft to get new monster, dyed armour, potatoes and potions of invisibility

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Some Reddit folk have gained access to an upcoming Minecraft snapshot that includes a bunch of new foodstuffs and a horrible new monster to contend with. PCGamesN spotted the unofficial patch notes, which mention carrots, potatoes, potions of invisibility, frames, dyed armour and more.

The highlight of the upcoming features may well be the new Wither Boss - a dark, skeletal figure with three skull heads that can shoot poisonous bolts out of its various faces. Another weird and quite disturbing addition to the increasingly scary world of Minecraft. Youtube, Sethbling, has trapped the creature in a glass cage for us to point and laugh at, because as King Kong has taught us, that always ends well.

Minecraft experiment devolves into devastating resource war... or did it? [UPDATED]

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Minecraft player WordWorksExperiment has posted on the Minecraft forums with the story of an experiment that allegedly turned a group of 30 volunteers into a collection of warring gangs engaged in a battle for resources that obliterated the world in less than two months. Since then, details have come out that seem to suggest the story was a hoax. We've included them at the end of this article.

WordWorks describes the simple set up. A group of Minecraft players were invited onto a server walled off by indestructible bedrock. Chatter was limited mostly to third-party programs, allowing for private communication between players and, to keep things fair, play was only allowed to continue when all players were online at the same time. Everything proceeded calmly for a short while. Then resources started to run out.

Minecraft 1.3 update due out August 1

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Minecraft is expanding again. Mojang have announced that the game's new 1.3 update will arrive on August the 1st and will bring with it "A huge number of changes". It's been a bit of a wait since the last Minecraft update, but Mojang say that's because they've been making some significant structural changes to Minecraft's engine, they've "kicked out single-player, and made it a shell on top of multi-player," which brings us one step closer to mod support, and will ensure that any tweaks to multiplayer will work in single-player as well.

According to the Mojang website 1.3 will include "lots and lots of bug fixes" and performance enhancements. Those will be needed however, as the new singleplayer/multiplayer combined build will be more performance intensive. According to Mojang "When playing single-player, the game needs to be able to both simulate and emulate the world, which take many more CPU cycles."

Minecraft patch 1.1 adds better bows, apples, monster eggs and sheepier sheep

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The Minecraft 1.1 patch has arrived! The video from Hat films above covers the new features nicely quite nicely, and they've been listed over on theMojang blog as well. 1.1 additions include better bows, a mysterious "Golden Apple recipe," different coloured eggs that can be used to spawn mobs and multiple language translations.

Sheep are sheepier than ever, too, with the addition of a new behaviour that lets them gobble grass to grow more wool for you to punch. You'll find the list of enhancements from the Mojang blog posted below.

Minecon Yogscast fall out down to "stress related misunderstanding" says Notch

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Minecon was supposed to celebrate the launch of the finished version of Minecraft, but that's been overshadowed by disagreements between Minecraft's creator, Notch and the Yogscast team.

A couple of days ago Notch tweeted his disappointment at the alleged behaviour of the video podcasters, whose Minecraft-centric videos attract millions of international viewers every day. "Celebrity or not, you don't f-bomb kids," he said, adding that “Yogscast repeatedly insulted people, talked behind their backs, refused to cooperate, and acted like total spoiled divas nonstop.”

The Yogscast team have now denied this in a response on Reddit, saying "the quotes and actions that Notch attributed to us were not said by us or published anywhere by us."

Minecraft trailer introduces the Adventure Update, beef, XP orbs and blue spiders revealed

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A new Minecraft trailer has landed showing off the Adventure update, spotted by Jaz. XP rewards, creative mode, creepy Endermen and more. The Hatventures team have been behind the scenes of the update, and recount some of their experiences in the making-of video below. They also reveal a few new additions, including abandoned mine shafts and a new mob, the sinister blue spiders.

Minecraft Adventure Update footage shows NPC villages and Endermen

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The Minecraft Adventure Update was playable at PAX over the weekend. IGN got Notch to give them a run through of the new features, and filmed it all for good measure. The randomly generated NPC village looks gorgeous. It has its own gardens, stone towers and houses. Also shown: the sinister Endermen. Notch cycles through day and night like A GOD to generate the perfect conditions for spotting the new mob. When he finally confronts them, they stare down their creator with murderous dispassion. Hnnngh.

Notch also talks a bit about creative mode designed for players who like to start epic builds. In this mode, you can fly freely, destroy any block with a single hit and place any block in the game at will. Also shown: rivers! Ravines! New combat! A new eating animation! Notch says that the Adventure Update is so big that it will be released in two parts. The first will be out in just a few weeks.

Meet the Endermen, Minecraft's terrifying, teleporting new enemies

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A new post on Notch's blog introduces the Endermen, the shadowy, long-limbed creatures shown in the recent screenshot Notch released. They are terrifying.

The ghoulish creatures are three metres tall, and spend their time slowly moving blocks around the landscape. They will continue to do this until you rest your cursor on one. At that point the creature you're looking at will freeze, swivel to face you and wait for you to look away. When, inevitably, you do, it will charge, teleporting across the landscape once a second to attack you.

Minecraft screenshot reveals intriguing new UI and massive mountain

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Notch's ever-revealing Twitter feed has turned up more interesting hints about the upcoming Adventure Update for Minecraft. Some tweaks to Minecraft's height settings have temporarily caused the terrain generation system in Notch's build to go a bit haywire, spawning vast mountains with sheer cliff faces. Notch posted an image of one such mountain, in the process revealing a new UI. In addition to the traditional inventory taskbar, there's now a food bar, and another progress bar which looks as though it might well be used to keep track of experience points.

Terraria devs explain Steam sale price hike

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One of the best selling deals in the Summer Steam Sale knocked 75% off the 2D explore-a-thon, Terraria. After the sale went live, the discount was suddenly changed to 50% off. Many saw this as a greedy move from the developers. In a post on the Terraria forums, spotted on Reddit by Doomed, Re-Logic say that the discount was supposed to be 50% off from the start.

"We did not intend the sale price to be 75% off at any time," writes developer, Blue. "When the situation was noticed, it was corrected. Hence why it so quickly changed to 50% and caused so many so much grief. We’ve received many angry emails for people blaming us personally, and calling us greedy, but that is simply not the case here."

Minecraft passes ten million registered users

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Minecraft hits another massive milestone. CVG spots that it now has more than ten million registered users. That means an amount of people equivalent to the population of the Czech Republic are now playing the game.

Most of those registered players have been playing the free version of Minecraft, which doesn't benefit for the wave of updates that Notch and Mojang have been making to the game. However, nearly 2.7 million of those players have paid for the full version at between 10 and 15 Euros, which means Mojang are now probably richer than the Queen of England.

The paid-for, beta version of Minecraft was recently updated with patch 1.7, which added pistons and shears. The upcoming adventure update will add NPC villages and make Minecraft "more like a game."

Minecraft 1.7 update is out now, you can no longer punch the wool off sheep, pistons added

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Earlier on we got a charming trailer for the Minecraft 1.7 update. Now, the update is out! As well as the expected pistons, the update means that we'll no longer be able to punch the wool off sheep. New shears are now the only way to get hold of wool, and they can also be used to pick up leaf blocks. You'll find the brief patch notes below, as they appear on Notch's blog.

Terraria update trailer shows anti-gravity boots and Hellfire Arrows

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He's walking on the ceiling! He's got an extendable magic staff! His bow shoots bombs! Demilogic have released a video showing off some of the new items that will land with the upcoming 1.0.5 update for Terraria, and they are fantastic. As well as the obviously brilliant boots, and the all-destroying Hellfire Arrows, there's a more subtle effect that seems to highlight ore that would ordinarily be hidden in darkness - this could be something to do with the alchemy mentioned in the video title.

In a recent forum post, developers Re-Logic revealed that they would be adding potions in the next update, along with new potions and an improved Guide to help newcomers settle into Terraria's world a little easier. There's no release date for the patch yet.

Terraria sells 432,000 in one month, hardcore mode revealed

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It's Friday afternoon, statistically the best time of the week to discover shocking new statistics. Today we learn that the 2D mining and exploration game, Terraria, released just a month ago, has sold more than 432,000 copies.

Don't pick your jaw up just yet. Terraria has been in the top ten most played list on Steam for 32 days of the last month. Between 14-32 thousand people play it every day, the game's two trailers have amassed almost two million hits between them.

Minecraft 1.6 hands on: when hatches go bad

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The Minecraft 1.6 patch landed earlier today. We dived right in, eager to start playing with the new hatches and maps added by the patch. Spiders died, cows exploded and lava spills threatened to destroy everything. Read on for an account of our first hour in Minecraft 1.6, and a video showing how you craft the new maps.

Minecraft patch 1.6 is live!

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Patch 1.6 for Minecraft is go! Notch announced the launch on Twitter and updated the patch notes on his blog. As we previously mentioned, the new update is set to add multiplayer support for the netherworld, so you can now drag your friends to hell, for a laugh. There are now working hatches and craftable maps, too. The maps should prove especially useful for those of us used to leaving a trail of lit beacons behind to help navigate back to base. You'll find the full, updated patch notes below.

Minecraft 1.5 update is live

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Notch has updated his blog to announce that the Minecraft 1.5 patch is now live! The update adds a full achievements system to Minecraft, and brings rain snow and thunder to its cuboid worlds. As a bonus effect,pigs struck by lighting from the thunderstorms will be transformed into zombie pigmen. You can see footage of the new weather effects in the recent Minecraft 1.5 trailer.

If you find any bugs in the update, fixes might be slow to arrive. Notch also tweeted about patch 1.5 to say "I'm not reading twitter or email until I've beaten Portal 2, I won't know about any bugs in it. ;D."

Minecraft updated to beta version 1.2, now includes cake

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Minecraft has received another update, adding a series of new features and bug fixes. Additions include note blocks that can be tuned and triggered to play music, two secret new blocks and cake. Read on for the patch notes.

Minecraft has sold one million copies

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As of last night, Minecraft has sold a staggering one million copies. Not bad at all for a game that's still in beta.

Minecraft to release nightly test builds, full Minecraft release planned for late this year

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Minecraft's creator Notch has updated his blog with his latest plans for Minecraft. The team is looking to release nightly test builds that will run parallel to the beta game, giving players a chance to try the new features the team is experimenting with as soon as they're implemented. Notch also says that they're aiming to release the full 1.0 version of Minecraft late this year. He has also added cake to the game.