MinecraftCon 2011

Minecraft in insanely big numbers, 241 million logins a month, 11,000 skin downloads a second

Henry Winchester at

If you haven’t got time to watch the 86 minutes of Minecon videos we posted earlier, here’s a brief guide to the kind of numbers involved in Minecraft.net, fresh from GameFront. You might want to prepare your eyes - these are some fairly hefty figures.

There are 241,920,000 logins per month. That’s the equivalent of every person in Indonesia - the fourth most populous country on the planet - logging in.
Some 1,000 people login per hour on average, with 4,000 people logging in per second after the 1.0 launch.
Two billion files have been downloaded by the launcher. Two billion.
In game, 11,000 skins are downloaded per second.

At the moment of writing, Minecraft has 16,804,266 registered users. 4,129,151 have bought the full game. It’s a good thing Minecraft doesn’t look like Crysis, as it would have broken the entire internet by now.

Notch to celebrate Minecraft's official release with MinecraftCon 2011?

Owen Hill at

Notch has mentioned that he might celebrate the November release of Minecraft with a conference in Las Vegas. Whether it actually happens depends on what you think.

According to the post on his official blog, all of Mojang will attend and there will be various Minecraft-themed activities on show. Expect contests, Q&A sessions and "awesome food."

It sounds like a wonderful thing to me but Notch wants to gauge popularity before confirming any details. Visit his blog and participate in the poll if you feel like helping out.