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Arma 3's Bootcamp update now live, promises to train you in the art of war

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For those not familiar with its particular brand of simulation, Arma 3 can be a daunting thing to approach. Don't let our recent, barely competent shenanigans fool you; there's a deep vein of realism at the heart of Bohemia's shooter and, with it, a level of complexity that can be difficult to parse. Hope comes in the form of the just released Bootcamp update. More than just a tutorial, it's designed to teach you the underlying principles powering the game. And all without R. Lee Ermey screaming in your face.

Arma 3's free Zeus multiplayer DLC released

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In ancient Greece, Zeus was a pretty powerful guy: dispensing justice, lightning bolts, and an army of offspring conceived under pretty perverse circumstances. In modern Greece—albeit the fictional modern Greece of Arma 3—Zeus also has some powers. Only in this instance they extend to tanks, soldiers and inconveniently placed bollards. The soldier sim's free Zeus multiplayer DLC is now available, giving would-be gods the chance to GM an Arma operation.

Arma 3's Win DLC out now, launch trailer isn't kind to helicopters

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The majestic helicopter gets a bit of a raw deal in the following trailer for Win, Arma 3's third and final piece of campaign DLC. Also on Bohemia's hitlist: buildings, and people in a rival army to the one you're fighting in. Those guys are just the worst. Win continues the story of soldier Ben Kerry, asking players to "deploy all the skills and experience they've gathered to bring the flashpoint to a resolution". They could have almost called it 'Operation Flashpoint', but I have a feeling that name might be already taken. If you own the game on Steam it should have automagically been updated by now, bringing with it a bunch of sandbox content which I'll list after the break.

Arma 3's final campaign DLC gets a release date and new details

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Uh-oh, it's a news about a military simulation. I'd better break out that list of military jargon, so I can at least appear to know what I'm talking about... Ah good, now I can cheesedick my way through this article.

Arma 3's final DLC campaign will be deploying next week, giving the game's buyers free access to the final third of its singleplayer story. Called "Win", it's probably no surprise how things are going to end, but - up until that inevitable conclusion - will give players a taste of the largest-scale combat yet seen in its episodes. It'll made available on March 20th.

Arma 3 Zeus video shows 90 minutes of player-directed war

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Arma 3's upcoming Zeus mode gifts one or more players god-like real-time control of multiplayer scenarios. From several miles above ground you can set objectives, place vehicles and plant enemy troops as your friends march through your deathtrap. You can even call down thunderstorms - hence the Zeus title - trigger ambient war noises, initiate grand musical cues and create battles between the AI to create the powerful sense that your players are part of a wider battle. Essentially you're the hardcore military sim equivalent of that guy from the Truman Show who lives in the Moon.

Get a sense of the power and user-friendliness of the Zeus interface in this lengthy Bohemia Interactive livestream, in which the developers drop interesting tidbits. There can be multiple 'Zeus' players, for example, and Zeus mode will work with mods if you set up a modded scenario beforehand. An exciting new idea for a shooter mode, and free for owners of Arma 3 once it's out of beta. Very nice.

Arma 3's free Zeus DLC promises a new form of multiplayer

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What happens when you combine Arma with D&D? Goblins assaulting Greek islands with M4 Carbines? Possibly, but in this instance, it's a new multiplayer mode in which an Arma 3 player becomes dungeon master of an outfit's military manoeuvres. Zeus is an upcoming free DLC pack that lets an all-powerful player look down upon the others, like some god-like entity in control of a real-time scenario editor.

Arma 3 video teaches you how to helicopter better

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A new Arma 3 community guide has landed in a hot LZ: this time, the subject is air assaults. Shack Tactical founder Dslyexci returns to narrate the first episode of season 3 of Arma’s community guides. The video gives an overview of the coordination and planning required to bring infantry into a mission zone in the best military sim around.

Arma 3's second campaign episode is out now

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A second hot chunk of military digicode should now be running through your interpipes. No, not the file the Pentagon uploaded the other week, which... What's that? You mean you weren't aware of the Pentagon's secret plan? Oh well, never mind. It'll not spoil the surprise. And anyway, I'm talking about Arma 3's second campaign episode, which has now been released as a free download to owners of the game.

Arma 3 teases multiplayer content reveal: "Dream a little bigger"

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A lighting strike. A fiery tank in the distance. That's some of what Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive has left us to work with after teasing a new multiplayer project on Tuesday. More details on the new content will be uncovered in Februrary, according to the team's latest update, and according to the tease, the new content's scope is grand.

Arma 3 guide now online from Shack Tactical founder

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All summer, we enjoyed the community guides published in the run-up to Arma 3's fall release. They were not only informative, but they offered a nice look at the systems and graphics that the open-world military sim offer. Now that Arma 3 is out, community guide narrator Andrew Gluck (aka Dslyecxi) has compiled a wealth of information in his official guide. And while the full guide is bundled with the deluxe edition of Arma 3, a ton of it is now available for free.

Arma 3 trailer escorts the release of the first free DLC campaign

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Arma 3's campaign was AWOL at release. Don't worry, though, it hadn't been captured by the enemy, to be set upon by growling dogs, placed into falling buildings, or attacked by acid-spitting aliens. Instead, it was back at base, undergoing a top secret operation to separate it out in to three chunks, to be freely deployed in stages over the following months. The first of those chunks, codenamed Survive, is air-dropping in now. A launch trailer has released, as proof.

Arma 3 screenshots show scenes from the first campaign DLC, out October 31st

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I bet Bohemia are feeling really embarrassed right now. In all the excitement of ArmA III's official launch last month, they completely forgot to add in its singleplayer campaign. Weirdly, they'd planned for this forgetfulness, announcing beforehand that the campaign would follow as three free DLC chunks to be released over the coming months. Incredible foresight, that.

The first of these chunks will be called 'Survive', and it's due to be released on October 31st.

The 10 best Arma 3 mods and missions so far

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Arma 3 launched without its campaign mode, meaning that soldiers who stepped onto the field of battle early would've been left kicking their heels and cleaning their rifles – would've been, were it not for an industrious army of Arma 3 modders. Even a quick reconnaissance run on Bohemia's military simulator's Steam marketplace turns up some impressively professional missions. Here ten of the best Arma 3 mods we've enjoyed so far.

Arma 3 beta gets Steam Workshop integration

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Arma 3 now has Steam Workshop support, giving industrious players a chance to show off and share their own vision of the military sim. In beta since June, Arma 3 already had an in-game editor, but with Workshop support, access to the custom content should now be streamlined, according to a press release.

Arma 3 livestream video scouts over an hour of full release features

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Bohemia Interactive recently held a livestream event to tour the content set to unlock with the full release of Arma 3next month. It's a lengthy operation, clocking in at just over an hour. Would-be soldiers may want to grab an MRE ration and brew up some coffee on a camping stove. You'll want to watch this from the comfort of your cosiest foxhole.

Arma 3 release date announced, leaves beta next month

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It may not feature a campaign any more - that's now planned for inclusion in three separate chunks later down the line - but Arma 3's official launch is still going to be a significant enhancement for pretend soldiers, their pretend commanders, and the very real jerks who just want to mess with people. All of them will be able to get their hands on the full game, when it leaves beta on September 12.

Arma 3's latest community guide teaches you how to be a helicopter

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ShackTactical's Dslyecxi is back for another official Arma 3 community guide. Given how long the game's been available in its alpha/beta state, the community have had more time to get to grips with its basics. To keep up, this latest video focuses on the advanced lessons: like keeping an improbably hovering metal box from crashing into the ground.

Arma 3 community video provides SITREP on the beta update

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Bohemia have released the latest in Dslyecxi's Arma III community guide video series. Where previous videos have guided newbies through teamwork, infantry combat, and modding, this time we're being given an overview of the alpha's development history, as well as a feature round-up of the newly beta'd version's features.

Arma 3 beta beginning June 25

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Military sim fans rejoice! Bohemia has confirmed that Arma 3 will be heading into beta later this month on June 25.

New additions will include new arsenals and vehicles to test out and new scenarios that include a co-op and multi-team, wave based defense scenario. Additionally, a new "Independent" faction consisting of a military native to Altis and Stratis was mentioned. You know, in case you were tired of Blufor and Opfor.

Arma 3 screenshots prepare you for E3 by showing the full game and beta

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Technically all Arma 3 screenshots have been pre-E3, but these ones are the most pre-E3. Or are they the least? Whatever the semantics, here's a gallery of tactically telling pictures, taken both from the full game and the upcoming beta.