Might and Magic

Might & Magic X gets spiffy new trailer, adds early access this coming Monday

Tom Sykes at

Might & Magic's main series – referring to the massive first-person RPGs, rather than the strategy spin-off, the first-person orc-kicking simulator, or the inspired match-3 thingy – is set to return after an 11-year bout of forced retirement. In fact, it's set to return much sooner than some of us thought, with Ubisoft's old-fashioned RPG Might & Magic X: Legacy arriving this coming Monday – or part of it, at least. As a new trailer reveals, pre-orderers of the 'Digital Deluxe Edition' will be given early access to Act 1 on August 19th, with the whole shebang following this September.

EU giveaway: win a Might and Magic Heroes figure

Tom Hatfield at

A massive parcel arrived at PC game HQ recently. What could it contain? Why only a glorious angel man figure from Might and Magic Heroes VI! (It's the one on the left) This lovingly modelled figurine of the Archangel Micheal will make the perfect nerdy centrepiece for your mantle. You can see a little bit more about it on the Might and Magic Heroes VI website.

Would you like to win this magnificent statue readers? Check inside for details of how to win.