menace of the underdark

Dungeons & Dragons Online druid trailer is beastly

Tom Senior at

Dungeons and Dragons Online will get the first full expansion of its six year history late next month, which will add new lands and new foes to thwart. You could do this with one of the existing DDO classes of course, but where are the rabid animals in that? The druid's mastery of nature will let them have pets, summon additional companions and charm creatures in the wild to trample the invading dark elf forces using the deadly power of MAMMALS. Their spellbooks are full of more showy elemental magic and some healing tricks if you prefer a more varied approach. Find out more in our D&D Online: Menace of the Underdark preview. It's out on June 25.

Druid class revealed for Dungeons & Dragons Online

Gavin Townsley at

I rolled a druid the very first time I ever played the pen-and-paper classic Dungeons & Dragons. I didn't get to shapeshift like these fancypants druids you see in games nowadays, but I did manage to save my group by streaking through a bug bear camp to divert the enemy's attention. The druid class is finally coming to Dungeons & Dragons Online in the Menace of the Underdark expansion, releasing on June 25th. I'm already taking my clothes off in preparation for any dangers my group may encounter.

Dungeons & Dragons Online leaps into The Forgotten Realms with its first expansion

Chris Perry at

The Forgotten Realms is as classic a D&D setting as they get: a lost realm related to our own where magic runs rampant, deities are active, and--well, just imagine most any classic RPG game you've played and you'll see hints of The Forgotten Realms' influence. And Update 13 is finally bringing it to Dungeons & Dragons Online, which is still offering it's brand of flexible free-to-play options to the masses. I recently sat down with the game's Executive Producer Fernando Paiz to talk about what the upcoming content will look like in DDO's first-ever expansion: Menace of the Underdark.