Meet The Pyro

TF2's Meet The Pyro video is live

Evan Lahti at

Team Fortress 2's final "Meet The" video is up. Finally, the complex psychosis of the Pyro is revealed in all its sugar-coated strangeness.

Team Fortress 2 Pyromania event adds new map, new mode, Meet the Pyro incoming

Tom Senior at

DOOMSDAY is the name of a new map added to TF2 today to celebrate the imminent release of the final TF2 class short, Meet the Pyro. The map commemorates the death of aeronautics monkey, Poopy Joe by having players recreate his demise. A quantity of precious Australium must be delivered to a rocket to provide enough power to launch, thus explosively initiating the space simian's ill-fated cosmonautical career.

Team Fortress 2 top secret project to be revealed this year, Meet the Pyro on the way

Tom Senior at

A new post on the Team Fortress 2 blog sketches out Valve's 2012 plans for the shooter, which include mention of not one, but two secret projects. We can so far confirm that the first will not be a hat, or a map, or as the blog post suggests, a freakish map-hat hybrid. The second will have something to do with this year's Saxxy Awards, which rates the community's best video replays.