Meet the Medic

Team Fortress 2 behind the scenes account reveals original ideas for Meet the Medic

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If you've ever wondered why it takes Valve so long to make new Team Fortress 2 short films, the latest post on the Team Fortress 2 blog has some answers. Valve have posted four videos showing early "animated storyboards" of the original stories they had planned for Meet the Medic. The blog post dissects each element of the old ideas to explain why, in the end, they didn't work out. It's an interesting insight into Valve's creative process, and we get to see what the Meet The.. films look like before they receive a megaton of Valve polish.

Team Fortress 2 Über Update: Meet the Medic

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Between the update nearing release and the free-to-play announcement, it's TF2 mania on Steam! The servers are currently getting hammered, so watch this while you wait.

Team Fortress 2 Meet the Medic video teased by dove invasion

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Anyone visiting the Team Fortress 2 site recently will have noticed that a flock of birds have taken roost and started redecorating the place. Clicking on these birds takes you through to a series of images showing a hospital, a waiting room and a doctor's surgery, all of which suggests the Meet the Medic video may finally be ready for release. Doves have started appearing in Team Fortress 2 maps as well.

Next Team Fortress 2 video will meet the Medic

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The next TF2 video will star the Medic, according to a fan who recently visited Valve's offices. While wandering around Valve HQ the visitor got to see a preview version of the next TF2 short film and reported back to fans on the Steam forums, saying that the video is almost finished, it's coming out soon, and it's going to be one of the best TF2 videos yet.