Medal of Honor beta


Medal of Honor review

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Medal of Honour citation: Sergeant First Class xSN1PERRx, pretend videogame army, distinguished himself with actions not quite above the Call of Duty while serving in Afghanistan as a super-secret megasoldier operating in a hush-hush ‘Tier One’ unit, sometimes switching brains to become a frontline grunt who learned about the futility of war and stuff like that.

PC gamers to get Medal of Honor multiplayer open beta

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DICE have released a new trailer revealing a new multiplayer mode, and a date for the start of a three day PC multiplayer open beta, to kick off on October 4th. The trailer follows.

Defense Secretary calls for Medal of Honor ban

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Defense Secretary Liam Fox has called for UK retailers to ban upcoming EA DICE shooter Medal of Honor. Medal of Honor attracted the attention of the US media recently for allowing gamers to play as the Taliban in multiplayer mode - much as the various WWII Call of Duty games allow you to play as Axis or Allies in multiplayer.

No Battlefield 3 announcement forthcoming: official statement

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EA sent us this cryptic note that they'd like broadcast to the world. It's about Battlefield 3. It's an official statement on the lack of any official statement regarding the official statement that Battlefield 3 beta access would be dished out to Medal of Honor pre-orders.

Battlefield 3 stealth announcement

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Of all the ways DICE could have revealed Battlefield 3, they had to go and do it with a Medal of Honour pre-order bonus. In addition to the extra guns they promised, you get access to the Battlefield 3 beta when you purchase before release.

Medal of Honor offers MP7 as pre-order bonus

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Medal of Honor is touting it's "Limited Edition" version of the game via a bombastic trailer with lots of shooting. Beware: it's a trick. It's basically a pre-order bonus, and the bonus is just an exclusive MP7 sub-machinegun and early access to shotguns. Bloody pre-order bonuses - trying to tempt us to buy before the review. Here's the trailer:

Medal of Honor beta starts today

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Want to try out EA and DICE's gritty Afghan reboot of Medal of Honor? Well you can, but it's going to cost you. The beta for the new game is available for those who have pre-ordered Medal of Honor from selected retailers. The beta contains two maps - Helmand Valley and Kabul, and a full selection of real-world weapons and equipment. For a full list of participating retailers, and a trailer, see below. We'll post more impressions once we've got the game downloaded.

Medal of Honour beta starts on June 21

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At their E3 press conference in Los Angeles, EA have announced that the multiplayer beta for the new Medal of Honour game will be launched on June 21st, or even earlier for their hardest of hardcore fans. Which is a week today. Here's a good reason to get excited: the multiplayer is being made by DICE, and from we saw, it's a cross between Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2.