MechWarrior Online competitive Tournament Series starts Sunday

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Now that private matchmaking has been firmly bolted in place, MechWarrior Online's first official competitive event is set to launch Sunday. It's been dubbed Tournament Series: First Engagement and will to pit 12-man teams against each other across a variety of maps and game modes leading to the finals on May 30.

Titanfall matchmaking update leaves beta, joins Attrition and Hardpoint modes

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After a week of beta testing, Titanfall's new matchmaking system has made its way to the shooter's bread and butter game modes—Attrition and Hardpoint. The updated design is intended to fix problems players have had with skill imbalance between opposing teams, according to details released by the developer for the beta test.

Titanfall updates matchmaking to address player skill imbalances

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Titanfall is rolling out some matchmaking changes to try pit more and different kinds of players together, according to an update from developer Respawn Entertainment. The hybrid infantry/mech shooter has added a new beta game mode to test out a solution to what it calls "a problem of a lack of variety" in how the game is assembling opposing teams.

Hawken Wreckage map and Christmas plans revealed

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Mechs and Christmas go together like mechs and, well, anything, so the news that Hawken has added a seasonally appropriate Xmas-themed environment and skins fills me with a tinselly, sprouty kind of feeling. In celebration of Old Man Breaks Into Your House And Drinks Your Best Brandy Day, Hawken devs Adhesive Games have redecorated the game's Last Eco map (see above), in addition to optionally smothering your mechs with wrapping paper and candy canes and even snowman repair drones. They've also - and on any other month, this would probably be the headliney bit - added an entirely new map to the game. It's called Wreckage, and as the name suggests it's in a bit of a state.

Hawken releases Predator mech into the wild, adds co-op mode in new beta patch

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Hawken's latest beta patch is live, dropping a new mech and a new co-op game mode onto the mech shooter's dystopian landscape. Code-named Predator, the new mech has some decidedly asymmetrical tactics and weapons at its disposal, according to information on the "Invasion" update released by developer Adhesive Games.

MechWarrior Online update increases the match size for more mechanised mayhem

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MechWarrior Online continues the unstoppable march towards its official release date, and has picked up some new friends along the way. The latest patch for the free-to-play mech battler bumps the player count, with the previous 8v8 limit now raised to 12v12. Piranha have released a video, showing the effect an extra eight mechs can have on a battlefield. Hint: more lasers.

Titanfall E3 conference trailers show mechs, explosions, and mech explosions

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We've seen the fancy conceptual rendering of Titanfall's stompy robot/squishy human warzones. Now we get to see the game as it is played, courtesy of in-game footage presented in last night's Xbone and EA conferences. Going by these lengthy looks at Respawn's multiplayer mech shooter, it could prove to be one of the best new titles teased at E3. Well, except for Trials Fusion. Obviously.

MechWarrior Online update adds new canyon map and sniper mech

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MechWarrior Online has been releasing new content and updates likeclockwork over the past several weeks, which is great for a game still in the beta stage. Now a new canyon map has been released along with a new sniper-style mech of the month.

Hawken update to add support class, dramatically rebalance weapons

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So far, Hawken has focused exclusively on warrin' mechs. Understandable - giant robots and big explosions are both pluses in a video game - but there's a whole mech ecosystem to draw on. Assistant mechs, reporter mechs, accounting mechs (or 'calculators'). Admittedly, none of them are going to be particularly useful in a battlefield. Luckily, there's also medic mechs, and Hawken plans to add them into the game tomorrow, with their first support class: The Technician.

Hawken co-founder talks eSports, missing server browsers, clan support and big Beta fixes

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Chunky free-to-play mech-shooter Hawken went into open Beta last month. You can spend money on its marketplace, so we reviewed the available version and rather liked it. We even made a video, and crammed some of our thoughts into it. However, as with any Beta, Hawken is evolving week by week – it could be a very different beast three months from now, after developer Adhesive decides what does and doesn’t work in the wake of player testing and feedback.

We caught up with studio co-founder and lead animator Chris Lalli to chat about melee weapons, server browsers, counter-measures, and whether or not the community has been behaving itself.

Strike Suit Zero hits Kickstarter, with mechs and spaceships in tow

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If you feel that you've not quite kickstarted enough projects lately - perhaps you've discovered some money down the back of the sofa, or you've recently sold a kidney - then, as Michael Parkinson would say, you might want to take a look at this. Strike Suit Zero is a Wing Commander/Freelancer-inspired space combat game with transformable ships and mechs - and it's looking abso-bloody-lutely amazing.

Catapult mech looks a bit bored in new MechWarrior Online screenshots

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Piranha Games have just released some new screenshots from their upcoming free-to-play game MechWarrior Online. These ones show the Catapult mech standing around a bit, flying, shooting something, looking a bit sad, looking at a tower (possibly because it's a bit sad), and then standing around a bit more. Of course, the game is likely to be a bit more interesting than these screenshots suggest - Evan was anything but bored by it in this preview. It's powered by Crytek's CryEngine 3, too, which means even a bored mech looks like a good mech.

Mech lust continues: the first Hawken gameplay footage

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We've been starving for more screenshots, info, footage, ANYTHING at all on Hawken, the insanely-beautiful mech-shooter that was made in just nine months by a small indie developer. Now we can finally satisfy our cravings with this incredible new gameplay trailer. And it's even better than our wildest Hawken dreams. Read on to see it in action.

Hawken interview: the indie team behind the best mech game we've seen

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We've had a day for our jaws to return to their normal configuration after yesterday's trailer for mech FPS Hawken knocked us out of our nerd chairs. After we picked up all the Cheetos, we got in touch with the nine-person team at Adhesive Games to ask a few questions about what mech games inspired Hawken and how such a modest crew produced something so lustworthy.