Aion's new Aethertech class is a giant robot thing, essentially

Katie Williams at

Have giant, metal, vaguely humanoid things always been a part of fantasy, or is that something that MMORPGs have introduced to the genre? It seems a lot of fantasy MMOs eventually branch into steampunk-inspired tech, and Aion's next on the list: NCSoft has just revealed that the next class addition is the "Aethertech"—giant robot things. Some of which are cloud-colored.

Heavy Gear Assault seeks to revive the franchise with awesome crumbly environments

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Because we can never have enough big stompy mechs, we've brought in some new friends to join Hawken and MechWarrior Online. Today's Kickstarter heavyweight is Heavy Gear Assault—yep, a continuation of the mech-based universe that spanned not only two Activision games in the late '90s, but also a tactical tabletop war game and a combat card game. So much stompery! Its new developers, a blend of hardcore gamers and industry vets, are hoping to convince you to chip into their $800,000 asking price by way of this helpful destruction demonstration.

Hawken's free tie-in comic includes closed beta code

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Adhesive Games and digital comics publisher Comixology probably touched upon the very essence of geekdom when they concocted an offer involving viewing colorful pictures of robots blowing each other up to access actual gameplay of robots blowing each other up. Downloading the free first issue of Hawken: Genesis not only offers an expository primer of the backstory behind why everyone turned so trigger-happy, it also gets you a code for the third and final closed beta event starting November 20. Have they no sense of restraint?