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MechWarrior Online March content plan includes largest map yet, more keybinds, "dynamic hanging items"

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Piranha has outlined the upcoming March updates for MechWarrior Online, which will include usability improvements and new items for players to tinker with while dancing the mech-on-mech ballet. The coming weeks bring, among other features, one-use modules, an expanded set of piloting controls, and dangly accessories for your cockpit such as fuzzy dice.

Hawken beta key giveaway, win one of 10,000 keys

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Free to play giant robot war game, Hawken, is due out in December. I know. A whole MONTH away. I'm learned to cope with some help of a mech suit I've constructed out of used Corn Flakes boxes. We'd like to spare 10,000 readers that level of madness by emailing out access to this week's testing session.

To grab a key, follow the link below and enter your details. There's good news if you've already entered one of our previous Hawken beta key giveaways, Adhesive say that "all previous closed beta codes will also work on this latest Closed Beta initiative as well." Sweet.

Mechwarrior Online trailer provides pilot lesson, delivers hot lasers to robot faces

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As much as I'd love to be a mech, there are definitely some drawbacks. You can fire a kaleidoscopic array of lasers out of your face, which is neat, but if you overdo it you shut down and have to spend several minutes gently venting hot gas, which has to be on the list of most embarrassing things that can happen in public. Perhaps that's the reason that you won't actually be the mech in Mechwarrior Online. In the cockpit, you're a pilot in a cockpit, with legs and everything.

Hawken will be free to play, out in December, sign up for the closed beta now

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"I'm throwing my wallet at the screen but nothing is happening!" is a common reaction to the trailers for stunning indie multiplayer mech-war project, Hawken. According to a blog post on the Hawken site, you won't need your wallet at all. It'll be released as a free to play game on December 12 this year.

MechWarrior Online devs on community warfare and taking planets in "the Inner Sphere"

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A developer diary post on the MechWarrior Online site has sketched out how communities will fight in MechWarrior Online. For every day that passes in the real world, a day will pass in Mechwarrior Online's "Inner Sphere." There players can join factions and complete missions to earn control of the planets within the sphere.

"Wednesday December 7, 2011 is Wednesday December 7, 3048," write developers Paul Inouye and Bryan Ekman in the post. "This means that every time you log into MechWarrior Online, something new has happened. News updates via the ISN feed, news reporter features and battle feeds keep players up to date on current events."

Hawken footage shows light mechs and siege mode

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Indie mech shooter Hawken was stomping around E3 last week. G4 got a good long look at a siege mission, in which two teams must fight over the resources to build a battleship that can take out an enemy artefact. The game's been in development for less than a year, but it already looks spectacular. There's no word of a release date yet. Adhesive say Hawken will be out when it's ready, and it's not ready yet. For more on Hawken, check out these recent dev diaries, or head over to the official Hawken site.