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New Hawken map, the Last Eco, takes players out to the woodshed

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Hawken has thrown away its rusty brown color palette with its new map, the Last Eco, as announced in a forum post at the Hawken community site. Set in the last remaining forest on the continent, the map will have players stomp-stomping past old growth forests, run-down structures deep in the wilderness and what looks like massive mushrooms.

Piranha releases Mechwarrior Online open beta trailer

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Mechwarrior Online enters open beta

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There's been a bit of hesitation surrounding the launch of Mechwarrior Online, but it has finally stomped through the closed beta process and wheezed into the sunlight of open beta. The move to open beta represents the last data wipe for beleaguered closed beta pilots that have levelled up stunning war machines time and time again, only to have them vanish with the arrival of another big update.

Good news for them, then, but better news for everyone else. Anyone who fancies jumping into the cockpit can sign up for an account on the MechWarrior Online site

Mechwarrior Online trailer shows Centurion class, deals damage with dazzling lazers

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A mech that's effective at all ranges with all lasers, that's what we like to see. The Centurion mech sounds like a good starting point for new players. A few tons of extra armour give it the resilience to last in a midfield laze-off and its flexible load out options should be fun to tinker with. The new Mechwarrior Online shows the Centurion reducing foes to scrap on beaches, in bases and tight arctic corridors. That last one looks to be Frozen City, the new map that the Mechwarrior Online devs revealed a couple of weeks ago. Take a closer look in the new trailer below.

Hawken scoops $10 million in funding from League of Legends backers

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The promising multiplayer arena mech shooter, Hawken has just received quite a windfall in the form of $10 million of funding from Meteor Entertainment, a pretty massive investment for a debut game of a small studio. VentureBeat indicate that Meteor is backed by Benchmark Capital and FirstMark Capital, the same investors that funded Riot Games' League of Legends.

LoL boasts one of the smartest free-to-play systems in the industry at the moment and Hawken devs, Adhesive Games, have already said that the mech shooter will get by on micro transactions that will "allow greater customization and more weapon variety." Venture Beat are hoping that Hawken can capture massive audiences in the same way as League of Legends, despite the difference in genre.