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Hawken releases Predator mech into the wild, adds co-op mode in new beta patch

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Hawken's latest beta patch is live, dropping a new mech and a new co-op game mode onto the mech shooter's dystopian landscape. Code-named Predator, the new mech has some decidedly asymmetrical tactics and weapons at its disposal, according to information on the "Invasion" update released by developer Adhesive Games.

Heavy Gear Assault cancels Kickstarter campaign, seeks crowdfunding through own site

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Heavy Gear Assault developer Stompy Bot Productions have cancelled their Kickstarter after it failed to catch the enthusiasm of giant fighty mech lovers. Despite some impressive looking early tech demos and a promised episodic singleplayer campaign, the project raised only $44,981 of the $800,000 target since its launch over a month ago. Stompy Bot will now continue to seek crowdfunding through the game's website.

Heavy Gear Assault adds singleplayer stretch goals, Oculus Rift support

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Fans of multiplayer skirmishes between colossal walking death machines aren't exactly short of options at the moment, with both Hawken and MechWarrior Online providing free-to-play metal mayhem. That may be one of the reasons for the muted early response to the Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarter, which in its first week has made just $27,449 of the desired $800,000 goal, despite the impressive destruction tech on show.

For the team at the aptly named Stompy Bot Productions, that means an alteration to their plans. Now, in addition to the eSports chasing online battles, an episodic singleplayer mode will be added if the project reaches its target. Producer Vince Mcmullin released a video, explaining the new mode.

Latest Hawken update brings a new map: the desert-based Facility

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A new Hawken patch introduces your latest glimpse of mechs banging around gracefully in the desertscape. According to level designer Tyler Buser in this map overview video, Facility is a map carefully crafted so that "no capture point is ever too far to engage, nor too safe to leave undefended." Sounds like a good source of drama between our favorite giant robot buddies! This is the patch's biggest feature, which also comes with a slew of new customizations, as well as balancing and interface improvements.

MechWarrior Online's newest patch brings a world of Misery

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Not the sobbing-at-a-funeral kind of misery, mind you. We're talking about Misery, an 85-ton Stalker battlemech that will hopefully leave your foes fully acquainted with the emotion in your wake. The mech comes with MWO's newest patch, which, among various other goodies and fixes, also comes with a new skin with skulls all over it, keeping with the theme nicely.

Hawken update to add support class, dramatically rebalance weapons

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So far, Hawken has focused exclusively on warrin' mechs. Understandable - giant robots and big explosions are both pluses in a video game - but there's a whole mech ecosystem to draw on. Assistant mechs, reporter mechs, accounting mechs (or 'calculators'). Admittedly, none of them are going to be particularly useful in a battlefield. Luckily, there's also medic mechs, and Hawken plans to add them into the game tomorrow, with their first support class: The Technician.

Strike Suit Zero Kickstarter campaign ends; release date confirmed for January

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Hawken in-game video shows new desert map, colossal battleship

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The new Hawken footage above was received its first showing at the PC Gamer press conference at PAX last weekend, but here it is in full. On the Hawken blog, the devs say this is the last we'll see of Hawken for a while, so take a good long look at the footage above, particularly the bit when a huge ship flies overhead and appears to target a fleeing mech. You can also check out yesterday's Hawken trailer, which outlines the story of the world the mechs are fighting over. There's still no release date window.

Hawken trailer shows gorgeous cityscapes and frantic bot battles

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A strange mix of awe and astonishment is the standard accompaniment to new Hawken footage, and the latest trailer from PAX offers nothing less. The world Adhesive Games have created in less than a year with the Unreal Engine is remarkable, but how will it play? The rattling mechs are quicker than you'd think to look at them, and the close combat tussles with other bots are made more chaotic with the addition of heavy ordinance. Hawken doesn't have a release date just yet, sadly, but you can sate your mech lust with more information over on the Hawken site.

Hawken developer diaries talk mech violence and multiplayer modes

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Game Trailers have new developer diaries have landed for the indie mech combat sim, Hawken. A dev team of nine people have taken just eleven months to make an incredibly promising mech game set in a gorgeous far-future mega city. The videos below detail some of the multiplayer modes the team are working on, and go into more detail about the weapons systems we'll be using to take enemy mechs apart. You'll find both diaries embedded below.