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Crysis 2 trailer features maximum war

Tom Senior at

The latest trailer for Crysis 2 seems to be narrated by the mad scientist who created the Nanosuit. He has a good old boast about how it grants his super soldiers "incredible strength", super speed, invisibility, bullet proof skin... okay actually that is pretty badass. Your arrogance is justified, mysterious old dude. The latest footage shows off the crumbling city environment, and also features plenty of aliens exploding. You'll find it embedded below.

New Crysis 2 trailer deals nano-death to new enemies

Tom Senior at

A new Crysis 2 trailer has been released showing off your character's Nanosuit abilities. In fact, the Nanosuit is the only thing that's similar to the first game. Everything else is new, from the ruined New York environments to the free-running abilities. Best of all, we get a proper look at the new aliens. The irritating space octopi of the first game are gone, and have been replaced a race of sleek armoured humanoids. You'll find the new footage below.