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Mass Effect 3 celebrates one year anniversary with multiplayer infographic

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Infographics are like the gaming equivalent of a report card. For instance, this one for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer - created by Bioware to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game - tells us that 41% of all missions ended in failure. Which, logically, means only 59% of missions were a success. That makes the community's final grade in Mass Effect around a C+. B- at best.

Mass Effect 3 launches Operation: Lodestone, their longest multiplayer event

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I've been consistently impressed by both the quality and support given to Mass Effect 3's co-op multiplayer. What could have been a throwaway exercise in back-of-the-box feature ticking, instead proved to be an enjoyable Horde mode variant that's not only received plenty of free DLC updates, but also weekly events to give players some extra variety. This weekend's event is called Operation: Lodestone, and it started last night. That's a pretty loose definition of "weekend", by anyone's standards.

Operation: Detonator promises an explosive weekend of Mass Effect 3 co-op

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The latest Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event will be called Operation: Detonator, and will run from today through till Sunday. According to a Bioware post about the event: "Recent setbacks have prompted changes in unit composition. Turian cabal theory is now dominant training paradigm. N7 units will now be deployed with pairs or higher percentages of biotics wherever available to maximize effectiveness."

I've just run that description through my nonsense translator, and it's come back as "yay, 'splosions!"

Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC trailer has teleporting space samurai

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Here's a rousing trailer for the latest chunk of free DLC for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode. The six new classes all get a moment in the limelight amid scenes of Earth's destruction and the whole thing culminates in what's best described as an "Avengers moment" in which everyone stands in a circle to do their signature hero power pose. There should be a command that triggers this at the end of difficult rounds. Each update has gradually snuck in more and more impressive close combat weaponry until now we get the opportunity to swordfight with Cerberus phantoms and assassinate reapers with devastating ninja dash. Awesome. The free update is live now.

Mass Effect 3 video shows Earth DLC characters, weapons and maps

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The free Earth DLC for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode is arriving tomorrow, adding six new powerful N7 elite characters three new weapons and three maps set in London, Rio and Vancouver. For those of us who play Mass Effect 3's surprisingly good multiplayer mode a lot, tomorrow is frankly too long to wait. I want to see the new Vanguard character have a swordfight with a Phantom right now. I want to see the new Sentinel's melee attack, which allows him to block an attack before finishing a foe with a deft backhand. And I want to see the new weapons, including the rapid fire shotgun and the noisy new submachinegun.

Luckily, Gamespot attended Comic-con 2012 over the weekend and took the chance to shoot the breeze and show footage of all of those things. Watch, and try to figure out how these characters can be used to beat the new Platinum difficulty setting, which Bioware's Mike Gamble admits is so hard that only a "handful of people at the office itself have ever beat it.”

Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC details leaked: new characters, weapons and Platinum difficulty

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It looks like Mass Effect 3 will be getting a significant multiplayer update very soon. Microsoft community fellow Larry Hryb has listed an Earth Multiplayer Expansion alongside a Tuesday July 17 Xbox release date in a blog post spotted by Eurogamer. Something Awful's gibbed has spliced some supporting details from Mass Effect 3's game files, revealing descriptions and pictures of six new elite N7 characters, new maps, three new weapons and a new Platinum difficulty mode.

Mass Effect 3's creative director on multiplayer, MMOs and Bethesda

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We’ve previously covered Mass Effect 3’s jolly exciting multiplayer mode, but Mass Effect 3’s creative director Casey Hudson’s shed a little more light on it in an interview with Xbox World.

Multiplayer's always been on the cards for the Mass Effect series, but the solution was to build Mass Effect 3 from the ground up with multiplayer in mind. Rather than controlling Shepard, the player is charged with an independent character for multiplayer. “Shepard is still the hero, making the big decisions, deciding what's going to happen with the universe and building alliances,” said Hudson. “But now there's armies all over the place, fighting to just hang onto different locations.”

Mass Effect 3 demo coming for January

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Mass Effect 3 will get a pre-release demo in January, giving players an early look at both single player and the newly announced Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode. The announcement was made in a post on the Bioware Forums, spotted by Eurogamer. Earlier access to the multiplayer will be available to anyone who has bought Battlefield 3 and activated their online pass (automatic for Orgin customers), although alternative methods of gaining access will be announced at a later date. The single player aspect will be available to anyone all when the demo is launched.

It's great to see a big budget game commit to a pre-release demo, an increasingly uncommon occurrence these days. With a lot of fans asking questions about the multiplayer it's a smart move from Bioware to give them a chance to try it out before the game launches on March 6th.

Mass Effect 3 trailer talks new multiplayer mode

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Information about the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode is coming out thick and fast. In this developer interview with lead designer Casey Hudson introduces the new mode and goes over what you can expect. The information here is mostly the same as our Mass Effect 3 multiplayer explained post, but also shows off new stills and footage from both the new co-op mode and the single player story.

If you're struggling to make out the images on the video, we have larger version in our Mass Effect 3 multiplayer screenshots post. We'll see how well the two sides of the game work together when Mass Effect 3 is released on March 6th next year.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer screenshots reveal playable Salarians

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The first images of the new Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode have arrived. This two images show a group of players standing firm against a horde of enemies in the war for the Mass Effect galaxy. The pictures show what looks to be a Salarian player character (bottom right, first picture) a race not previously confirmed to be playable. The Salarians will join Humans, Turians, Krogan, Asari and Drell on the list of playable races, we're hoping to see playable Elcor next.

Check inside to see the images in full. If you want more details on how it wall all work, check out our Mass Effect 3 multiplayer explained post.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer explained

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The December issue of Official Xbox Magazine US has revealed a lot more details regarding the recently announced Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. Which has apparently been in the planning stages ever since the first Mass Effect, but was the first time producer Casey Hudson felt comfortable integrating it into the series, in keeping with the theme of 'Galactic War'.

Check inside for a full explanation of how multilayer will work, and how it will integrate with Mass Effect 3's single player story.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer details revealed

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After rumours, hints, and finally yesterday's confirmation, we now have concrete details of Mass Effect 3's co-operative multiplayer mode. A post on the Bioware forums explains the four player co-op mode can optionally impact the outcome of the single player game.

Check inside for a full breakdown of how this will work.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer confirmed

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Powerplay are reporting that Mass Effect 3 will feature some form of multilplayer component.

The Australian magazine just posted this on their site:

"That’s right - Mass Effect 3 is getting multiplayer! We travel to BioWare’s office in Edmonton for hands-on time with the series’ first foray into online gameplay, and chat with Mass Effect Series Producer and Mass Effect 3 Project Director Casey Hudson about the decision to go multiplayer in the epic battle for the galaxy."

The coverline of the mag reads: "Fight alongside your friends as the galaxy goes to war!"

Despite rumours that Mass Effect 3 would feature a multiplayer component, Bioware have been careful not to confirm the mode, until now.

What's your Mass Effect multiplayer mode of choice? Co-op, adverserial, or a Brink-esque combination of the two? Or should Mass Effect have stuck to its singleplayer guns? Let's talk.