Mass Effect 2: The Arrival

Mass Effect 3 will return to the Citadel with cut Mass Effect 2 missions

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After the momentous events at the end of Mass Effect, it was surprising that the sequel didn't spend much time in the Citadel. Speaking to OXM, lead writer Mac Walters has said that the huge station that forms the galactic centre of government will form a bigger part of Mass Effect 3.

"There was a Mass Effect 2 plot that was a kind of callback to the first Mass Effect that was going to be on the Citadel, and we cut it. But now it's made a resurrection in Mass Effect 3," says Walters. "That's the nice thing about trilogies, sometimes you get a second chance." Hopefully it won't be a sequel to the Keeper scanning side quest.

Mass Effect 3: this is female Shepard

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A few weeks ago, Bioware decided they'd let the public decide on the female shepard that will adorn the posters and other marketing materials for Mass Effect 3. After some controversy, it was decided that the wispy-fringed blonde Shepard would take the prize. "But female Shepard is clearly a redhead!" many cried, and so Bioware opened up a separate vote to decide on Shepard's final look. An overwhelming majority voted for the image below.

Mass Effect 3 video interview discusses RPG elements, animation and the Reaper threat

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[bcvideo id="1126447700001"]
At Gamescom this year CVG had a chance to sit down with associate producer Mike Gamble to talk about Bioware's plans for Mass Effect 3. Gamble says the third game will "bring back the RPG" elements that some felt were missing from Mass Effect 2. Character skill paths will now have six branches instead of just two. Also discussed: improved facial animation systems, Return of the Jedi and why Shepard is such an important part of humanity's fight for survival against the Reapers.

Mordin Kombat: The Mass Effect Beat-Em-Up

Richard Cobbett at not in fact called that, nor does it look like there's a lot of Asari kicking. Nor can you play as Tali'Zorah vas Kneed-ya, engage in Hanar-hand combat, or many other puns. Instead, it's called Dark Corners of the Galaxy, and honestly, it's not great. It is pretty though, and a better way to pass the time until Mass Effect 3 than printing out early screenshots, squinting at them, and jiggling them about until they appear to be moving. Bonus points for the enemies whose entire role in life is to run up to you and explode. Such a noble sacrifice, all in the name of slightly denting your health bar.

Mass Effect 3 screenshots emerge from Gamescom

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The EA Gamescom press conference is happening right now, and EA have just dropped a small payload of new Mass Effect 3 screenshots showing Shepard doing battle with giant robots and aliens using some familiar Mass Effect rifles, and what looks to be some sort of flaming close combat weapon. See the new screens below. Click to see them full size.

Mass Effect vote lets fans decide FemShep's face

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Bioware have launched a competition on their Facebook page to let players decide what female Shepard should look like in future Mass Effect 3 marketing materials. There are five looks to choose from, Winona Ryder, Evil Winona Ryder, Elvis Winona Ryder, bygone popstar Gabrielle, Uma Thurman from Kill Bill and Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction. You can vote for your favourite by dropping a "like" on the Facebook picture of your choice.

You can get a look at all of the contenders below. Number five is well in the lead at the lead at the moment. Let us know your favourite in the comments.

Mass Effect 3 delayed until next year

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Just we were get excited by the latest screenshots, Bioware have announced on Facebook that Mass Effect 3 has been delayed until the start of 2012. No specific reason for the delay is given beyond executive producer Casey Hudson's explanation that "the development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series."

Still, at least it gives those of us planning a mammoth total Mass Effect replay more time to save the universe again before the final part of the trilogy comes out. Okay, I admit, that's not much consolation. Get your Mass Effect fix from our Mass Effect 3 news feed instead.

Mass Effect 3 screenshots have Liara, Anderson and Krogan husks

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Eight new Mass Effect 3 screenshots have landed showing Shepard rifle butting his way through squads of white armoured opponents. Tucked away in the screenshots is our first look at a Krogan husks, and what might just be the back of Liara's head. Also, Anderson is back! You'll find all of the new shots below.

Mass Effect 3 plot and combat details arrive

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More pearls of Mass Effect 3 knowledge have dropped form the latest issue of Game Informer. There's news on Mass Effect 3's updated combat, and some spoilery plot details. If you don't want to know anything about Mass Effect 3's story, steer clear. Otherwise, here's the latest on Shepard's latest mission to save the universe.

Mass Effect 3 to have deeper RPG elements, expanded skill trees and alternative endings

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The first Mass Effect 3 details have emerged, revealing which characters will return for the final part of the trilogy. There's also news of an upgraded RPG system, weapons mods and alternative endings. There are some minor spoilers for the prologue below, so avert your eyes now if you don't want to know how the game starts. Otherwise, here's all the latest on Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 2 The Arrival DLC will have Shepard fighting alone

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Commander Shepard will be flying solo for the final slice of Mass Effect 2 DLC. The Arrival will see you journey to the very edge of charted space to help out an operative with early intelligence on an imminent Reaper invasion, but none of your companions will tag along for the ride. It looks as though Bioware are planning a challenging end to the last piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC with plenty of combat and not much conversation.

Mass Effect 2 DLC The Arrival confirmed, out in 11 days

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We've suspected for a while now that there would be a final slice of DLC for Mass Effect 2, Bioware have confirmed that it's real, and it's just around the corner. It will be called The Arrival, and it will send Shepard to the very edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover spy. The operative has intelligence that the Reaper invasion is about to finally begin, suggesting that the DLC will bridge the gap between the end of Mass Effect 2, and the beginning of Mass Effect 3, in which the Reaper forces are already attacking Earth.

It's coming out on March 29, and will be available to buy for 560 Microsoft points from the Bioware store. Bioware have released five screens of the DLC on their Facebook page. You'll find the images below.

Mass Effect 2 DLC revealed in Dragon Age 2 packaging

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An unboxing video for Dragon Age 2 has revealed a leaflet For the rumoured slice of Mass Effect 2 DLC, The Arrival. Below the title on the leaflet there's a message in French. You won't need to speak French to figure out what it means: "L'invasion a commencer."

The message adds weight to the theory that the new Mass Effect 2 DLC will bridge the gap between the end of the second game, and the beginning of Mass Effect 3, when the Reapers are invading Earth. The existence of the Arrival was accidentally uncovered as part of a recent Playstation 3 update. There's been no official announcement from EA or Bioware confirming or denying the new DLC just yet.