Free-to-play MMO publishers Nexon "interested" in buying EA

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MapleStory and Vindictus publishers Nexon are rumoured to be considering buying enormo-publisher EA, according to Bloomberg. The rumour caused a spike of 6.1 per cent in EA's shares, which have fallen by 23 per cent so far this year.

EA is the kind of company most people's grans have heard of, whereas Nexon sit firmly in the big-in-Asia category. But Nexon makes a lot of money from its free-to-play games - they reported an operating income of £714.51 million last year, which eclipses EA's mere £191.65 million.

Exploring the new classes and revamped world of MapleStory's Big Bang

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MapleStory’s always been there for us when we felt the urge to destroy, burn, and/or punch cute things in the face. And, thanks to Big Bang, the free game’s latest expansion, therehas never been a better time to join in the addictive demolition of all that is adorable.

How to get MapleStory working on Windows 7

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I downloaded MapleStory last night (an article one of our freelancers sent in for our May issue got me really excited to check out the recent changes)--only to find out that the game wouldn't launch on my Windows 7 machine. I browsed forums, I Googled, I asked friends. Everyone said they knew how to fix it--but they were all liars. So I tracked down the answer from the developers themselves. Here's how you can really get MapleStory to run on Windows 7--and it's easy!