Team Fortress 2: the best of the Steam Workshop

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Among the many additions made by the recent Manniversary update for Team Fortress 2, the Steam Workshop may well turn out to be the most important. The Workshop is a hub that lets community item creators show off their creations so that they can be rated by other players. The best ones rise to the top, where they can be cherry-picked by Valve for inclusion in the game.

If you haven't had chance to browse some of the community-made items vying for dominance, it's well worth doing so. We've picked out some of our favourite items, including an umbrella-gun for the Spy, a beserk rocket launcher for the Soldier, and a couple of wonderfully mad Engineer packs.

Team Fortress 2 Manniversary update adds Steam Workshop, new hats, new map, item trials

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A monster update has hit Team Fortress 2 to celebrate the first birthday of the Mann-Co store, which started selling hats and weapons to players almost exactly one year ago. The Manniversary update adds new community-made items, Portal 2 style high five taunts, a new map called Gullywash, slow motion and shaky-cam for replays, customisable load-out presets for each class, the Steam Workshop community item hub and extra miscellaneous item slots that will let you live the Abe Lincoln dream and wear a hat AND a beard at the same time.

Team Fortress 2 Mann-iversary: one year on from the launch of the Mann Co store

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It's been a year since Valve announced the launch of the Team Fortress 2 Mann-conomy update, which let players pay money for in-game items like weapons, and of course, hats. Community modellers could submit new weapons, and pick up a share of the profits if their item made it into the game. It was a huge, game-changing update, and its success is likely one of the biggest reasons behind Valve's decision to make Team Fortress 2 free.

So one year on, how has the Mann-conomy changed Team Fortress 2? One thing's obvious. There are quite a lot of hats in TF2 these days. Team Fortress 2's transition into a hat wearing simulator with some added shooting is almost complete, and it's easy to forget now that hats were the most controversial and surprising part of the update. Controversial because of their hefty price tags. Surprising because of the enormous number of players happy to pay up for a smart piece of virtual headwear.