TrackMania 2: Valley release date set for end of the week

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Nadeo only recently released TrackMania 2: Stadium, but already they're revving up for the next addition to their series of improbable racers. TrackMania 2: Valley is a rally-focused expansion, and is planned for release this Thursday, July 4th. Incidentally, let's take a moment to congratulate Nadeo for the clear naming of their sequel. It's better than their previous system of bolting extra subtitles with every version - resulting in TrackMania United Forever Star Edition: Origins. Or something.

TrackMania 2 Stadium is now live on Steam

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Prepare to burn some rubber and press down hard on that virtual accelerator in a way you can never do as a mild-mannered, law-abiding citizen in real life—TrackMania's latest thing is now on PC. TrackMania 2 Stadium launched quietly over the weekend (well, as quietly as squealing tires can allow, anyway), and going by these screenshots? It's showroom-slick.

TrackMania 2 and ShootMania Storm now available on Steam

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TrackMania 2! I'd entirely forgotten it even existed. That's one of the potential dangers when you hide your games away in their own tiny corner of the internet. Fortunately, as of today, Nadeo's various Mania games are getting some added visibility. TrackMania 2: Canyon, TrackMania 2: Stadium and ShootMania Storm have all been added to Steam in various states of release.

Trackmania 2: Canyon trailer hurtles out of PAX

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[bcvideo id="1129592653001"]
A brand new Trackmania 2: Canyon trailer has come speeding out of the PAX turnstyles. It still looks beautiful, and we still can't wait to play it. There's a multiplayer beta underway right now for players who have pre-ordered. It's due out next month.

TrackMania 2: Canyon multiplayer beta to kick off next week

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ManiaPlanet have thrown up a little countdown ticker to tease the launch of the TrackMania 2 multiplayer beta next week. Blues News spotted the counter on the ManiaPlanet blog, where the devs announce that the beta will be open to everyone who pre-orders the game. The beta will come with the map editor and a video editor, and when TrackMania 2 is released properly, the beta versions will automagically update. You'll be able to pre-order the game from the TrackMania 2: Canyon site "soon" for $24.99 / £19.99. For a good look at TrackMania 2: Canyon in action, check out these three perfect laps. It's due out in September.