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Fate of the World review

Dan Griliopoulos at

Fate of the World is a Serious Game that puts you in charge of an organisation trying to solve all the world’s problems. It’s a bit like the global map of X-Com, but the enemies are of our own creation: global warming, energy shortages, starvation and nuclear proliferation.

You establish agents in each of 12 regions to implement policies in the form of cards, each of which takes money from your budget (drawn from the countries’ economies). Each turn takes five years and your ultimate aim is to keep the planet alive for as long as possible.

Cities in Motion review

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Facebook is taking over the world of casual citybuilding and transport games. Cities in Motion isn’t the saviour of the genre, but it will stave off the Farmville plague for a while.

You take charge of transport in a major European city – like Isambard Kingdom Brunel, except you’re restricted to playing about with buses, digging tunnels and staring at graphs rather than revolutionising bridge-building with an amazing beard. You place route-stops then create routes for five types of vehicle – buses, trams, metros, ferries and helicopters – which you then buy.