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Football Manager 2013: Miles Jacobson interview

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“I’m pretty happy with the way it is at the moment,” says Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson of the latest edition of the world’s most popular footy management sim. After yesterday’s video announcement, we rang Miles for a chinwag about challenges, cheats and camera angles – and why this year’s edition promises to be the most accessible Football Manager in years.

Football Manager 2013 announced - video reveals new features

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It’s that time of year when the leaves turn brown, the air gets chilly, and the ass-shaped groove in
your favourite chair gets a little deeper. Yes, it’s almost Football Manager time – and, much like a
new boss cheerfully clutching a wad of petrodollars from an obscenely wealthy overseas backer, this
year’s edition arrives promising wholesale changes.

Out of the Park Baseball 13 review

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Out of the Park Baseball 13 is a baseball management simulator in the mould of Football Manager. I know a lot about management; less about baseball. With a greenhorn’s naivety I created a manager in my image and selected the ‘Start Unemployed’ option.

My plan was to score a minor league job, then, with a mixture of inspirational talks (“do more homeruns!”) and sound tactical advice (“stop conceding homeruns!”), ride to the big time on the back of a handful of men smacking balls about.

Prison Architect "paid alpha" planned for later this year

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We met up with Introversion at A Bit of Alright last week to talk about how development is going on their new project, Prison Architect. Creative director, Chris Delay and managing director Mark Morris told us about their plans for a "paid alpha" later this year.

The alpha could be released "maybe half way through/two thirds through of this year, so maybe September time," says Chris. The paid alpha will give players the opportunity to pay for a pre-order to get immediate access to the build that Introversion are currently working on.

A Game of Dwarves trailer goes down "a darrrk, darrrrk hooole"

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A Game of Dwarves (or "Dwarrrrrves!") is suddenly looking a lot like Dungeon Keeper. The trailer above presents the first moving pictures of Paradox' new management sim (the first screens landed last week). Your role as invisible floaty god-force is to lead your clan of dwarves to prosperity, instructing them to build labyrinthine mines to safely progress through each randomised section of the underworld.

Each dwarf in your crew can be specialised differently. Master craftsmen can build your leader a glorious throne room and warriors can protect them. There are monsters underground, of course, and the deeper you dig the more your risk unearthing the really nasty ones. More details are sure to arrive soon, but for now you can check out the new Game of Dwarves section of the Paradox site.

Fate of the World getting Earth Day expansion

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Fate of the World will be getting two new missions to celebrate Earth Day on April 21. The missions will include an introductory mission for new players called "Oil Fix It," and another mission described as "a unique scenario that allows them to approach Fate of the World a new way." The game will also be on sale at a discounted price that week as well. Read our Fate of the World review for more info on the game. You can buy Fate of the World now from the Fate of the World site and Steam.

Football Manager 11's best cheap young players

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With every release of Football Manager, hundreds of new players are added as they rise through the ranks and become noticed by Sports Interactive's extensive scouting network. In every Football Manager game there are a cluster of young prodigies hidden away in teams you've never heard of. These fresh faced wonder kids improve rapidly with training and can let you put together an unstoppable team for almost nothing. Read on for our pick of the best in each position.

Football Manager 2011 sweeps UK all-format charts

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If there were any doubts about Football Manager's status as a PC gaming colossus, they've been dispelled today by the release of the results of the official UK all-format charts for the UK. Football Manager 2011 has rocketed to the number one spot, beating the likes of Fifa 11, Fable 3 and Fallout: New Vegas to go top of the table, and it's only been out since Friday.

Football Manager 2011 review

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In a pretend press conference, I’m being asked multiple choice questions by a faceless interviewer. It’s my first season in Football Manager 2011 and I intend to take it seriously. To help me see through the clinical stylings of the game’s UI, I imagine I’m being asked these questions by a beige PC wearing a reporter’s hat.

10 essential Football Manager 2010 mods

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The next instalment of Sports Interactive's monolithic management series is just around the corner, but that doesn't mean Football Manager 2010 is out of the picture. Since release, the Football Manager community have even set about improving the game with new mods, databases and utilities. We've picked out ten of the best. Ever wanted to play in a league containing every single team in the world? Read on for new leagues, coaching tools, photo packs, UI overhauls and much, much more.

Football Manager 2011 demo is out

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Earlier this week we mentioned there was a Football Manager 2011 demo on the way, and it's now out and available to download from Steam. One of the new features models player negotiations more realistically, but even in a virtual world it seems unlikely that Wayne Rooney and Alex Ferguson will get back together. Give it a try and grab the demo here.