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MLG president sees eSports comparable to NFL in near future

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Major League Gaming’s 2013 Spring Championships did quite well last weekend, earning the eyes and ears of thousands of gamers and eventually becoming MLG’s largest event ever. But that isn’t enough for MLG President Mike Sepso, whose goal is make professional gaming one of the top five sports in North America.

2013 MLG Spring Championship starts today

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Ah, it’s that time of year again. The birds are chirping, the squirrels are frolicking, and the best StarCraft II, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and League of Legends players are warming up their clicking fingers for the 2013 MLG Spring Championship.

MLG no longer working with Blizzard to host StarCraft 2 World Championship Series

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eSports fans and followers of the professional StarCraft 2 circuit will be disappointed to hear that Major League Gaming has parted ways with Blizzard and won’t be hosting future World Championship Series tournaments.

Major League Gaming and Infinite Crisis join forces

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For a game that’s still in closed beta, Infinite Crisis is doing quite well for itself. The free-to-play MOBA has partnered with eSports behemoth, Major League Gaming, and will be among League of Legends and Black Ops II as a featured title in future competitions.

Blizzard and MLG: StarCraft 2 WCS America Season 1 overview

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With the announcement of the new, unified World Championship Series for StarCraft II, the structure of competitive play is going through a lot of changes. Here in North America, Blizzard is partnering up with Major League Gaming to crown a continental champion using a format similar to South Korea's GSL. It can be a little confusing at first glance, so we've broken it down into a simple, straightforward explanation.

MLG announces League of Legends tournament structure and rewards for Winter 2013 season

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League of Legends will feature prominently in Major League Gaming's 2013 Winter season. There has never really been any doubt about that. But now we've got info on how the competition will be structured, as well as how it will tie into Riot's own, year-spanning League Championship Series.

MLG Fall Championships: A tale of comebacks, creativity, and god slaying

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This weekend's MLG Fall Championship was one of the most hyped in the Pro Circuit's history, and proved to be one of the most dramatic. Some of the best StarCraft 2 and League of Legends players clashed in down-to-the wire brawls and unexpected comebacks. Now that the dust has settled, here's a recap.

Top two League of Legends teams from MLG Summer disqualified for "collusion"

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Major League Gaming has issued a statement that the top two League od Legends teams at this weekend's MLG Summer Championships have had their titles and prize money withheld. "MLG regrets to announce that we will not be awarding 1st or 2nd Place finishes for the Summer Championship League of Legends Event. We have determined that there was collusion between the two final teams, Curse NA and Team Dignitas." This came after the two teams decided in private to play the first round of the final match in "All Random, All Mid" style, a variant on the standard League of Legends gameplay that has all players select random champions and fight only in the middle lane.

SOPA protests: Minecraft, Firefall, Reddit going dark next week. Nvidia, Runic and Frozenbyte come out against the bill

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Earlier this week Reddit announced that they would be switching off for twelve hours next Wednesday from 8am–8pm EST (1300–0100 UTC) in protest at the Stop Online Piracy Act. Today Red 5 Studios and Mojang have announced that they will also go dark and Nvidia, Runic and Frozenbyte have voiced their opposition to the bill.

Red 5 CEO, Mark Kern confirmed to Shacknews that "Red 5 Studios is joining Reddit in protest of SOPA by going dark on January 18. We will be taking down our website, community site and Firefall beta for 24 hours on the 18th."

"We are extremely disappointed in this misguided legislation. We are also ashamed of the ESA for supporting a bill which is clearly not in the best interests of gamers or the game industry. This bill, and it's sister bill, Protect IP, will shut down live streaming, shout casting, user generated content and have a chilling effect on game innovation and social media," he added.

On Twitter, Notch has mentioned that and will go down next Wednesday in protest.

E-sports on the rise: MLG and Dreamhack scoop record viewing figures in 2011

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E-sports' growing popularity among spectators shows no sign of slowing down. The MLG have posted some remarkable figures from the 2011 season. Around 3.5 million unique viewers in total have tuned into MLG Pro Circuit weekends this season. The Pro Circuit National Championships in Providence, Rhode Island drew more than quarter of a million concurrent viewers at peak times, from 175 different countries. MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni says that in the 18-24 age range, "MLG now pulls in larger audiences than several traditional television cable networks."

Watch the world's best pro-gamers at MLG Providence live this weekend

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A portion of PC Gamer has just got back from Bristol's very first Barcraft event, to watch the Providence Major League Gaming finals. Many drinks were drunk and much StarCraft II was watched, making it a turbo-excellent night. It's getting close to kicking out time here in the UK, but fans of tip-top level pro-gaming, don't panic: the MLG Providence finals are still ongoing, closing up tomorrow. If you want to watch them - and you really should, as they've been brilliant so far - get over to their website and catch the live stream. There's some incredible games still to go, and the whole event to play for.

We've also got two high-quality MLG Providence passes to give away to the first two people who comment with the name of a previous MLG StarCraft II winner below. Be quick about it, mind.

MLG Raleigh 2011 tournament matches now free to watch on demand

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If you missed last weekend's live stream of the MLG Raleigh pro gaming tournaments then we've got some good news. MLG's new video player provides access to on-demand streams of all the key games from last weekend's contests. Simply head over to the Major League Gaming TV page and select the tournament you want to watch from the selection across the top. Here's your chance to watch some of the best StarCraft 2 and League of Legends teams in the world fight for glory, cash prizes, and your entertainment.

Watch the world's best StarCraft II players at Major League Gaming Raleigh live now

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Hey you, internetter! If you're reading this on Sunday evening, you're just in time to catch the planet's best professional StarCraft II players at Major League Gaming's Raleigh finals. If that sounds interesting - and it sure does to me - then have a look at the stream above. Some quick background of who's left and who's playing who below the cut: people who've got family over for the weekend who inexplicably don't play games and are instead waiting for the VODs and killing people who spoil the winner for them (hello!), might want to avoid looking below.

League of Legends to get $5 million second season, joins the MLG

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Riot games have announced that League of Legends Season Two will have a prize pool of $5 million, spread over different competitions in different regions. It's a fitting number given the staggering stats Riot put out recently revealing that 1.4 million people play it every day.

Here's another huge number: 1.7 million. That's the number of people who watched the first season. The enormous prize pool looks set to draw in even more, and LoL's expansion doesn't stop there. It's also become a fixture of the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit as well.

GSL and MLG join forces to trade StarCraft II players and strengthen e-sports

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South Korea's Global StarCraft II League and the USA's Major League Gaming represent the twin peaks of global e-sports. Through a new league exchange system, those peaks are beginning to merge together to one glorious, truly international mountain.

The system kicks into gear in June, with MLG's Columbus leg. Four Korean players – up and coming stars ST_Bomber, IM.LosirA, SlayerS_MMA, and ex-Warcraft III hero FOXMoon – will be added to that show's lineup to compete for the title.

Heads-up: Major League Gaming finals on now

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The Sunday night question. How to wind down your weekend? Slippers and a giganto-cup of hot chocolate before drifting happily into slumberland? Or HARDCORE COMPETITIVE GAMING FOR MONEY?

The second one, obviously. Fortunately, if you're at a loose end now, you're just in time to tune into the Major League Gaming Dallas StarCraft II finals. The games have been rumbling on all weekend, with some of the world's best professionals going mouse-to-mouse, casted by delightful talky men Day[9] and djWHEAT. We've included a stream of the games below. Tune in right now, and you'll catch the second set of semi-finals, with the finals to follow at 7pm CST.