Magna Mundi

Magna Mundi cancelled by publisher, developers promise legal response

Graham Smith at

Magna Mundi, the grandest of grand strategy games, has been cancelled by publishers Paradox Interactive. In a statement put out by Paradox and spotted by RPS, the company explained that they've been unhappy with the game's progress towards release. "We have seen this project drag on and the code we have gotten has not shown significant improvement for many months. Some old and known problems persists and new ones appear with each delivery."

Although it seems the developers disagree, and hope to still release the game. Read on for grand sadness.

Magna Mundi will have 400 playable countries

Matt Purslow at

It has been revealed that Paradox's Manga Mundi will have 400 playable countries.

The game presents players with believable historical scenarios, with the goal that the game stays true to what actually happened. It takes the grand strategy route, with players having to "Manage warfare, diplomacy, economy, knowledge, internal affairs, cultural outlook, religious policies, espionage and much more to engrave in gold your country’s name in the Annals of History… or fail in that delicate balance and witness how it will become a faded footnote lost in ages long past.”

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