Battlefield 4 fan-made video shows the cinematic side of war

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"Through my eyes, I will show you war," claims this first video in a fan-made series of Battlefield 4 shorts. What it should really say is, "through a position just behind and above my right shoulder, I will show you war," the action of the piece taking place entirely in third person. And while it may not have Kevin Spacey delivering a bitter polemic, it's still a nice reminder that DICE's shooter can be a dramatic and beautiful thing. When it works.

The Saxxy Awards 2013 winners announced, provide many minutes of animated merriment

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Last night, Valve revealed the winners of their Source Filmmaker competition, The Saxxy Awards. After a public nomination process, five videos have been crowned, with top entries chosen in the categories of Best Comedy, Drama, Action and Short, as well as an Overall Winner. Head inside to see the chosen few. Just don't roll out a red carpet. It would only annoy the BLU team.

Portal 2 recreated in this Lego stop-motion animation

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Everything can be made better with Lego. We've already seen this theory proved time and time again with the Lego: Well Known Franchise series of games. But if you're still not convinced, here's a selection of scenes from Portal 2, remade brilliantly into a series of Lego built vignettes.

Winners of the second annual Saxxy Awards announced

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Team Fortress 2's Saxxy Awards, Valve's celebration of its community's machinima mastery, doesn't have a red carpet. If it did, this year we'd see the Heavy hovering not-so-gracefully through in his new fairy ensemble, the Medic serenely chasing the red pigeon, and the Soldier rooting through the bins in an alley to the side. Four winners have been picked for the second of the now-annual Saxxy Awards, with each winning team receiving a Saxxy - an in-game gold plated Saxton Hale melee weapon that turns anything it kills into a golden statue.

Flight sim machinima: Bill and John Adventures

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This is an oldie, but how many other funny, stunningly directed pieces of flight simulator machinima about wacky French fighter pilots are you likely to watch today? For its first, short episode, The Adventures of Bill and John - or Une Aventure De Bill et John - was made using the ultro-realistic Lock On Modern Air Combat. The second episode is made in the same game, but with bespoke 3D animations to add more detail. They are both excellent, and years after first seeing them, I still occasionally re-watch them. Find them both embedded below.

Jacknife Chronicles pushes Garry's mod to the limit

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The Jacknife Chronicles is a remarkable short film made entirely in Garry's mod. It's so good it made me say "woah" out loud, and then "what the-?", then "did he just-?", and then I said nothing, because my mouth was hanging open.