Alienware update their laptop specs

Adam Oxford at

Fancy a GeForce 6 series graphics processor in your next laptop? You're in luck, because Alienware has just updated its website to include options for the latest GPUs in its laptop range.

A time for celebration and cheer, then? It certainly is, except that there's a noteable omission from the new line-up, as one machine is apparently being allowed to sell itself into oblivion.

Alienware's three-way 3D set-up. Would you buy it?

Adam Oxford at

Alienware showed off a triple win of processing power yesterday at Dell's Tech Camp at the Roundhouse in London, with a three way 3D set-up running Crysis 2.

The three monitor display rig is powered by a single GeForce GTX 590 card, and ran the game stereoscopically at consistently playable framerates. It's the most convincing display of 3D tech that I've seen so far.