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Gorgeous hand-drawn platformer Aaru's Awakening gets a new trailer

Tom Sykes at

You'll never catch me using a teleporter (not least thanks to that Star Trek episode where one malfunctions and turns someone hideously inside-out), but I think I'd be onboard with a similar superpower, were a radioactive teleporter to go around biting people at some point. I'm a little jealous of the gorilla...beast...thing at the heart of Aaru's Awakening, then, whose "highly mobile skills" include Blink-esque rapid matter transportation and a nifty charge move. Combine this with a lovely hand-drawn art style and you have something rather beautiful, as evidenced in the platformer's latest trailer.

Aaru's Awakening invites you into hand-animated platforming paradise

Ian Birnbaum at

If you’re jonesing for some top-quality platforming action (and who isn’t, really), you should keep an eye on Aaru’s Awakening, an indie game from Iceland-based Lumenox Games