Lulzsec disbands, final attack reveals hundreds of thousands of Battlefield Heroes passwords

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After almost two months of cyber-attacks on dozens of targets, hacker collective Lulzsec declare that they have disbanded. The group have claimed responsibility for the data theft and denial of service attacks on a number of gaming websites, including Minecraft, Eve Online, Codemasters, Bethesda, Sony and Nintendo, and even claim to have targeted government sites like

In a final statement, Lulzsec declared that the 50th day marked the end of their attacks, and leaked a final salvo of illegally obtained information, including details of hundreds of thousands of Battlefield Heroes accounts.

Lulzsec suspect arrested in joint Scotland Yard and FBI investigation

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The suspected ringleader of Lulzsec has been arrested in a joint operation between Scotland Yard and the FBI. The 19 year old Brit is accused of masterminding the recent spate of cyber-attacks on and a number of games company sites, including Nintendo, Minecraft and Eve Online.

The teenager was apprehended at his home in Wickford, Essex, in a joint operation that could see the suspect extradited to America to face charges, reports Sky News.

Update: Lulzsec have tweeted in response to the arrest, saying "seems the glorious leader of LulzSec got arrested, it's all over now... wait... we're all still here! Which poor bastard did they take down?" The suspect has been named by the press as Ryan Cleary, and is thought to be an ex-member of notorious hacking organisation, Anonymous.

Minecraft, Eve Online, and League of Legends websites hacked. LulzSec claim responsibility

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Minecraft, Eve Online, League of Legends, and The Escapist are the most recent high-profile games industry targets to get hit by hackers. All three of the sites went down at some point yesterday. At the time of writing, all are back online.

LulzSec has claimed responsibility for the attacks. The hacking group started taking requests for targets via Twitter, but the exact criteria for the choices are unclear.