Create your own press kit with Vlambeer's free service for indie devs

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A huge part of game development is public relations: once you’ve made the game, you’ve got to get it out into the wild. It’s unfortunate that of all the skills you need to make an awesome game, successfully marketing yourself to the press isn’t one of them. Some great games, unfortunately, just never catch the attention of gamers who want to love them. Enter: presskit() (pronounced Do Presskit), a free press kit generating service developed by Rami Ismail, of indie studio Vlambeer.

Luftrausers review

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Here’s a little language lesson: "luft" in German means air, and "raus" means empty. "Rausers" is a made up word, but it roughly translates into "emptiers". Dutch studio Vlambeer’s modular vocabulary is apt, because Luftrausers (or Airemptiers) is about grafting together plane parts you've earned from blasting things out of the sky, creating hybridised monstrosities, and blasting things again.

Vlambeer's Luftrausers turns a profit in three days, after almost three years in development

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Post-launch comments from indie game designers often get right to the heart of what's at stake for them during the development process. After the March 18 release of Vlambeer's aerial shooter Luftrausers, the devs took to Twitter two days later and put the game's apparently successful release in perspective.