Ludum Dare 25

Ludum Dare 25 winners announced - four games that let you revel in villainy

Phil Savage at

Gallant heroes? Honourable soldiers? Noble knight? BORING! Sometimes you just want to cut loose and be ridiculously, cartoonishly evil. Thank hells for the 25th Ludum Dare gamemaking jam, then. It's theme was You Are the Villain, giving entrants 48 hours to create a game that celebrated the twisted and horrible. Today, the most bad-to-the-bone overall winners have been revealed.

The Free Webgame Round-up

Tom Sykes at

Happy End of the World! At least, that's what I assume happened today - the Mayans have never steered me wrong before. If you're wondering, I'm typing this from a lead-lined vault deep underground, which I escaped to last night; one of the other Vault-Dwellers has been stealing water, but apart from that everything is fine. *Sobs*. Assuming there's still an Earth left, I'm guessing you've been transformed into some sort of hideous mutant, so I hope you have enough fingers to play a selection of the week's best webgames. Most of them aren't particularly Christmassy, so I suggest you Xmas them up a bit by wearing a santa hat and drinking a glass of mulled wine seasoned with a couple of sprouts. Oh and make these games last - I won't be leaving the vault until next year. Merry everyone!