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Capcom celebrates 30th anniversary with Steam sale

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Publisher birthday parties are the best. Rather than forcing you to debate whether a $25 gift card is a crappy gift, publishers simply discount a bunch of games and tell players to have at it. It’s like buying discounted party favors, but with fewer tote bags. Capcom just hit the big 3-0, and has shaved the price off many of its larger Steam titles in celebration.

Lost Planet 3 releases on August 27

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It was almost exactly one year ago that we heard anything from the ice-ridden third-person action-adventure Lost Planet 3. Last year's Gamescom trailer was surprisingly crisp, but those giant squealy bug things burrowed back into the snow and have lain dormant till now. A Steam pre-order campaign went up awhile ago without much fanfare, but now Lost Planet 3 is finally on the cusp of release, with North Americans gaining access to the series' newest addition on August 27. Hey, that's tomorrow!

Lost Planet 3 trailer shows epic 15 minute ice scorpion battle

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Capcom have released a 15 minute video of their Lost Planet 3 presentation from Gamescom, revealing extended footage only seen by members of the press until now.

The video explores the series' icy setting, E.D.N. III, and offers a look at some new enemies players will encounter when this prequel is released, climaxing with a face off between the player's giant mechanical utility rig and the "Spitter"; an enormous ice scorpion.

Ice meets fire in new Lost Planet 3 trailer

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Live from Gamescom, it's a sneak-peek at Capcom's upcoming Lost Planet 3 - though with more of a focus on the cut-scenes than the actual action. After the more tropical environments of the second trip, this one heads back to the original's wintery wastelands, with intrigue, deception, and a hundred million slobbering monsters looking to get in the way of your guns and stompy robots alike.

Lost Planet 2 review

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Hell is other people. Misery loves company. Everything’s better with friends. Poor third-person shooter Lost Planet 2 sits somewhere in the middle of these extremes, trying to work out what went wrong.