Loadout review

Emanuel Maiberg at

Loadout matches unfold like demented, R-rated cartoons. Players jump and dodge around an interstellar trailer park with the mobility of a platformer, unloading a rainbow of munitions from guns of their own design, no one quite like the other.

Loadout invites you to create an insane weapon and take it for a spin

Ian Birnbaum at

Upcoming free-to-play multiplayer shooter Loadout released a launch trailer last week to celebrate its arrival on Steam’s Early Access beta testing service. At first, to be honest, I just rolled my eyes. The heavy metal. The dick jokes. The guy dancing Gangnam style. Oy.

Tribes: Ascend adding loadout customization, stealth Spinfusor

Gavin Townsley at

Tribes: Ascend has put on a very active beta. Since it began on November 4—and really, we don't toss this kind of praise around thoughtlessly—Hi-Rez has held its ear to its community as well as any developer we've seen. They've steadily iterated on the game, updating and adding content what seems like every week. Here's the scoop on a the next patch, as well as a few of the new weapons being added.