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Deus Ex: Human Revolution fan film looks pretty amazing

Phil Savage at

It's not the officially licensed movie, but this teaser trailer for an upcoming Human Revolution short film is looking mighty impressive. DCode Films are handling the project, with Moe Charif acting as writer and director, as well as playing Adam Jensen. Getting all those cyborg limb augmentations shows some admirable dedication, don't you think?

Ghost Recon Future Soldier prequel movie Ghost Recon Alpha online in its entirety

Henry Winchester at

Ubisoft have put the entire 23-minute film Ghost Recon Alpha online via the LoveFilm service. The movie serves as a prequel to the upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier game, and apparently includes a secret code to unlock an exclusive weapon in-game.

We're currently too busy and important to watch the whole thing, but flicking through reveals that it's basically about terrorists getting shot in surprising ways. And then a big stompy robot thing turns up, with the added surprise that it has wheels, which does make you wonder why it doesn't just drive everywhere.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution video goes behind the scenes on live action film

Tom Senior at

We're not sure exactly what this is, but it we like it. It looks like a highlight reel designed to show off the skills of the ENSO team of stunt designers and performers, but it includes lots of shots of scenes involving Deus Ex: Human Revolution characters. There's a convincing likeness of Jensen at 1:55 and Human Revolution boss Yelena Fedorova appears at 00:23. It's not hard to imagine the big guy in the car park as Barrett.

There's evidently a bit of a budget behind it. It may well be part of an official ad campaign or upcoming short film licensed by Square Enix. It could even be a fan project. Either way, we want to see more.