Light review

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The title of minimalist sneak-'em-up Light describes several things. First, there's Project: Light, the shadowy initiative that's left you stripped of your memories and in the custody of a sinister corporation, from which you must immediately escape. Then there's the central gameplay hook, in which the constant interplay of light and shadow establishes lines of sight and offers clues about where it's safe to hide from roving guards. More disappointingly, "light" also applies to its content: an anemic 12-level campaign that can easily be blown through in an hour or less.

Steam greenlights 100 new games, here are a couple you should check out

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Valve today announced it has greenlit another batch of 100 new games, which will be made available worldwide through Valve's online storefront. The titles will be released independently in the weeks and months ahead as they wrap up development, and integrate any Steamworks features their developers want to include.