Let the comments commence

Comments are back, will use Disqus as a temporary measure

Phil Savage at

Good news for those of you who've been waiting to lecture Rich over his flagrant deviation from Game of Thrones canon: we're finally lifting the eerie silence that has fallen over the PC Gamer community.

As you've probably noticed, our forum and comment threads have been disabled since the discovery of a malicious script that was lurking in the forum's code. Thankfully, an investigation revealed that no user data had been compromised, but we're going to use this downtime to review our choice of forum software. As a result, we're not yet ready to re-introduce the site's native community functionality.

As a temporary solution, we've added support for the third-party commenting platform Disqus. That means, whether you're a long-standing member of the PCG community, or looking to join the discussion for the first time, you'll need to sign up for a Disqus account. Don't worry: it's a painless process, and one that can be optionally done through a Facebook, Google+ or Twitter log-in.

Windows 8 Release Preview ready

Adam Oxford at

Love it or loathe it, Microsoft's next operating system is creeping closer and closer. That fact has been marked today by the launch of a new beta called the Release Preview.

Coded 'Build 8400', it's an update from the Consumer Preview that's been available since March, and brings a few new apps and interface tweaks to the now familiar Metro/Desktop look and feel. According to Microsoft, this will be the final version until the Release To Manufacturing is posted to its website – an event suspected to be planned for sometime in the autumn.

Not had your fill of Win 8 betas or want to know what's new? Read on.