Legacy System

The Old Republic's Daniel Erickson talks Legacy system update, group finder, and adaptive gear

Josh Augustine at

The Old Republic's patch 1.3 is bringing some big changes to the game, including the much-begged-for group-finder tool and tons of new unlocks in the Legacy system. We sat down with the game's Lead Game Designer Daniel Erickson to get all the details on how these systems will work.

New Old Republic trailer hints at expanded race options via the Legacy System

Gavin Townsley at

A few days ago, Bioware released a new teaser trailer that mostly taunted us with information we've already heard. Guildbanks? Yup. Warzones? Mmmhmm. Scaling UI? It's about time.

What we didn't expect was to see a Miraluka Sith Warrior opening a can of whoop-ass on some rusty droids. The Miraluka are a blind species who see the world through the Force, and are currently only available to Republic characters, but this particular Miraluka is dressed up like a Sith Warrior, an Empire-specific class. Could this mean that new class/race combinations are on the way?