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Indie Royale's Winter Bundle keeps you warm with Greed Corp, Bit Trip Runner, and others

Phil Savage at

While other bundles go off chasing publishers, Indie Royale remains, as the name implies, decidedly indie. This time they're celebrating the impending long, cold nights of winter with retro rainbows and the harsh, uncaring philosophy of hard capitalism. No, I don't see the connection either.

Qrth-phyl released: mind-melting 3D snake game comes as $5 bundle with dev's previous work

Marsh Davies at

Qrth-phyl is the kind of name that causes brand managers to scream an unending scream, as their eyes melt out of their sockets. Maybe that's the idea. But as tricky to market as its Cornish name might prove, the game beneath is a pupil-dilatingly psychotropic spin on the classic game, Snake.