League of Legends: Dominion

League of Legends to get new ARAM custom map?

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League of Legends developers Riot Games plan to release a new map designed to replicate ARAM (all-random, all-mid), a subgenre of normal games invented by players. The new map, named Proving Grounds, has been made available on LoL's public beta server for testing and will be released on the two main servers in an upcoming patch.

League of Legends gets a new hero, Xerath: The Magus Ascendant

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As is tradition with the incredibly popular action RPG, League of Legends has got another new hero. We've previously detailed the balance tweaks that Xerath: The Magus Ascendant is bringing to your game client but now we've got his personal details to share.

First impressions - he's a floaty, long rangey, magey kinda-dude. As mentioned in the Champion Spotlight, Xerath has a heap of artillery-style combos that'll work especially well against sluggish melee characters. His passive converts some of his ability power into armour, making him extra durable against punchers and slicers too. Screenshots incoming...

League of Legends Xerath patch detailed in new trailer

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[bcvideo id="1198971044001"]
Riot games have detailed the contents of their upcoming patch for League of Legends. Lee Sin, Singed, and Morgana get slight nerfs while Miss Fortune and Tariq are get gentle buffs. Don't panic if your legend of choice is in the first list though; none of these are game breakers. I've been playing lots of League of Legend's new mode, Dominion. It's less daunting and arguably more exciting than "classic" LoL, but I miss the slow grind and eventual elation of a coordinated 45-minute marathon.

How are you enjoying the change of pace? Has the Crystal Scar replaced Summoner's Rift as your favourite Field of Justice?

League of Legends: Dominion now live

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It's happened LoL fans! Dominion has been released. The chaps at Riot games have just announced that all the Legends (read: players) on the North American and European servers can enjoy the new mode. It's more concerned with capturing and holding than hacking and grinding. It's also completely awesome.

Tim got to play last week. Why not read his League of Legends: Dominion first impressions as your client updates eh?

Never played League of Legends? It's free and loads of fun. Sign up here to see what all the fuss is about. See you on the Crystal Scar people! I'll be playing a Yordle, because that's how I roll. Teeeeeeeeeemo!

League of Legends: Dominion First Impressions

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I've been tinkering a little bit with Dominion, the new capture and hold map for League of Legends that not so quietly slipped into public beta testing yesterday. It’s available to play during off-peak hours (i.e. daytime) to all regions. And it turns out it’s... good. I think it’s going to be a huge success for developers Riot, with a few caveats.

League of Legends: Dominion beta windows opening soon

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Eagerly awaiting League of Legends' new Dominion mode? Of course you are. Patience, though, is for losers. Also, saints. Fortunately, Riot's mega-hit MOBA is now sporting a "limited beta" of the much-anticipated addition, so you don't have to wait.

"Over the coming days, we’ll be opening testing windows on our platforms during off-peak hours, each of which will be prefaced by a forum announcement to let you know you can and participate," wrote Riot on LoL's website. "And if you miss one of the testing windows, remember that there will be plenty more opportunities to help test Dominion as we speed toward launch!"

So there you have it. And since this is a beta, Dominion's full release is just around the corner. Excited? You should be.

League of Legends gets new hero, Riven

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Riven is the latest champion to join League of Legends' ever growing army of heroes. She's a very mobile close ranged fighter, with abilities that let her dart forwards in short bursts to harass enemies and get out of trouble. You'll find out everything you need to know in the typically intricate League of Legends hero spotlight video above, which shows how she can be used effectively to chase down enemy heroes. See some screenshots below, showing the three very different appearances provided by her alternative skins.

League of Legends Dominion items revealed

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Dominion is the new game mode that's set to turn League of Legends upside down. Instead of the traditional, DotA-esque tug of war, it's a fast and frenzied arena mode fuelled by a series of capturable control points. A collection of new Dominion items will be added to League of Legends to help heroes adapt to the change of pace. Riot have updated their Dominion Overview page with details of the new gear. Some of the finest examples include the Ionic Spark, which unleashes a bolt of chain lightning with every fourth attack, and the Sanguine Blade, which lets you steal life from enemies by hitting them. In League of Legends, violence is the best medicine.

League of Legends trailer shows crystal mining, reactive music

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League of Legends' new Dominion mode promises to offer a completely different style of play to League of Legends' other maps. Now this developer diary shows us the art design of the first Dominion map; Crystal Scar, which features an adorable little crystal mining village. The sound designers also talk about the music they've been working on for Dominion, introducing a new system where the score rises and falls with the pace of the battle to give your victories a suitable epic theme.

Want to know more? Check out our Dominion preview or watch the previous developer diary.