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League of Legends event introduces new Ascension mode and desert map

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Last week, we wrote that Riot Games was throwing out the lore League of Legends has built up over the past five years and replacing it with something new. Now we know what that something is, or at least what’s coming first in LoL’s rebooted fiction: a gameplay event tied to the desert empire of Shurima, which includes the launch of a new champion named Azir and a new game mode called Ascension.

Summoner's Rift update hits League of Legends PBE

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Riot Games teased some big changes coming to Summoner's Rift earlier this month, promising to bring "additional clarity" to the map through various tweaks and changes. Now, as promised, that update has been rolled out to the Public Beta Environment.

Orcs Must Die! Unchained announced, is a multiplayer lane-pusher

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Has anyone stopped to consider why orcs must die? No? Well, okay then. As long as we're blindly following that statement, we can at least take advantage of new ways to dispatch the green-skinned irritants. Gameforge and Robot Entertainment have announced Orcs Must Die! Unchained, a multiplayer adaptation of the third-person tower defence game.

Judging from the announcement and its trailer, the game does look a bit MOBA-ish. That said, there is some of the old OMD DNA on show, leading to the hope that this will be an interesting angle on the idea, rather than another me-too grab at the genre's massive audience. For one thing, there's also a card-collecting element.

Watch Blizzard play a couple of games of Heroes of the Storm

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Blizzard's Dustin Browder teams up with shoutcaster, Husky, to bring us two entire games of Heroes of the Storm, played by the game's developers. Blizz's lane pusher, formerly Blizzard All-Stars, re-emerged at Blizzcon this year with new visuals and some ideas that should set it apart from Dota 2 and its ilk. There's no last-hitting, no denies, no items, and HotS will feature many different maps with their own rules. That's demonstrated nicely in the videos below, which show players gathering coins to pay off a ghost pirate, and gathering mystical symbols to curse the enemy team.

Also, there are huge flesh golems that will join you if you beat them in combat. And you get to see Pudge Stitches ride a tiny horse. Also the StarCraft 2 Seige Tank is a hero. I think I'd quite like to play this videogame.