Kyoto Wild looks like the Bushido Blade-style brawler I've been waiting for half my life

Tom Sykes at

Bushido Blade is the only fighting I've ever really loved: an outlier in a genre of ridiculous costumes and complicated Super-EX-Ultra meters that dared to strip everything back to the basics. There were no health bars; your opponent's limbs could be permanently buggered just by striking their arms or legs; they could even be killed in a single hit if you were able to strike them in the right spot. Stages took place not in single-screen arenas but in massive multi-screen locations - if you found yourself on a losing streak, or you were just a bit of a coward, you could simply run away until you were in a more advantageous location. It's style of fighting game that lamentably slipped by the wayside - but isometric brawler Kyoto Wild looks like it might be bringing it back. It's a four-player, weapons-based fighting game featuring an open, Feudal Japan town setting and one-hit kills. Yes please.