Kerbal Space Program devs hope to add budgets, reputation in 2014

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Kerbal Space Program has been in development for three years, but at Kerbal Kon last week a vision for what the final game will look like finally began to emerge. Developing the game’s confirmed multiplayer modes will start next year after the single-player game has reached what Squad is calling “scope-complete”: not finished, but with no more major features left to add.

Kerbal Space Program dev on random solar systems, the joy of failure and the "cult" of Steam

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Kerbal Space Program became quite the phenomenon in 2013. After two years of quiet work, landing on Steam for Early Access brought the game to the attention of millions of gamers and launched Squad, a small interactive marketing firm based in Mexico City, toward the halls of indie success stories. The game is routinely near the top of the list of most popular games on Steam, and a new educational initiative is bringing a version of the space sim to classrooms.

At the first annual Kerbal Kon, PC Gamer spoke with lead developer Felipe Falanghe and PR director Bob Holtzman about the game’s meteoric (pun intended) rise on Steam, the challenges of a never-ending developer wishlist, and why failure is fun. Snippets from our interview are below, but you can also check out our full coverage of Kerbal Kon, including the surprise announcement of the game’s multiplayer mode.

Kerbal Space Program celebrates third anniversary with sale and charity donation

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To celebrate the third year of Kerbal Space Program, developer Squad announced that the game will be on sale for 40% off until the end of Kerbal Kon on Friday, purchasable from Steam or the KSP website. The company will also be making a donation to Love Life Hope, a children’s orphanage based in Tapachula, Mexico.

Kerbal Space Program committed to multiplayer career and sandbox modes

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The finished release of Kerbal Space Program will include official multiplayer modes, according to developer Squad. How exactly a multiplayer mode will work mechanically is undecided, but Squad says it's committed to building beyond the current singleplayer model.

Kerbal Space Program's school-friendly version officially launches December 18

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KerbalEdu, a cooperative, school-friendly version of space exploration sim Kerbal Space Program, will officially launch next Wednesday, December 18. The new program was created and will be managed by TeacherGaming, which previously saw success with Minecraft variant MinecraftEdu. KerbalEdu already has a small number of schools working toward setting up a program, and over 2,000 schools are in TeacherGaming’s established network.

Kerbal Space Program update .23 hits Tuesday, December 17th

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Kerbal Space Program has announced the full schedule for Kerbal Kon, the birthday celebration for the in-development exploration game, which starts tomorrow. In addition to showing details for changes to the game’s science and career modes, developer Squad will also host streams from some of KSP’s most popular YouTube personalities and former NASA astronaut Ed Lu. The action will start tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. central time, and the .23 update will come down to players next week.

Kerbal Space Program video teases third birthday, Kerbal Kon celebration

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As Kerbal Space Program turns three years old and prepares for a big livestream event on Thursday, those disposable green astronauts have released a short video to celebrate the occasion. Kerbal Kon will begin on December 12 on Twitch.

Kerbal Space Program update .22 bringing science to the masses

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New features are coming to Kerbal Space Program in update .22, the most notable of which is the addition of science! A new video from developer Squad, voiced by Miguel Pena, walks us through the new research and development systems that will form a crucial part of the eventually released career mode.

Newest Kerbal Space Program build updates terrains, flight controls and astronaut management

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Kerbal Space Program, the space-agency simulation game that we’ve been writingaboutincessantly, has just been updated with a new build. KSP version .21 adds new features, new terrain models for all of the celestial bodies in the Kerbal solar system and a brand-new crew management and recruiting system.

Kerbal Space Program chronicle — part one: achieving orbit for science

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Kerbal Space Program is an open-world universe simulator that specializes in modeling orbits, atmosphere, gravity, and rocket physics. With nothing but your wits and a hangar full of space vehicle parts, your task is to explore. Look up at the night sky. See a planet? See a moon? Go there. There's nothing stopping you except the relentless hostility of physics.

Kerbal Space Program makes expansions free for existing game owners

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Kerbal Space Program is a game in which you build rockets to fire boggle-eyed creatures into orbit. It's been the centre of a semantic kerfuffle, as its community argues over what constitutes an "update" versus an "expansion". Early adopters of the game were promised free updates, following the Minecraft model of increasing the price as the game moves towards completion. But developers Squad recently suggested that expansions - which might introduce "major game-changing sets of features" - would have a separate price-tag.

After some, uh, robust debate over the meaning of these terms and the expectations of their existing customers, Squad have announced that they will now make all updates and expansions free to customers who own the game already or buy it before the end of April.