The Indie Royale Evolved Bundle: set your price for Unmechanical, Krater, and more

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The first half of the Indie Royale Evolved Bundle's name sounds like a gourmet, locally-grown hamburger. Look elsewhere if you're hungry for food, but if you're hungry for five DRM-free indie games, the bundle is selling at a fluctuating minimum that's currently sitting at $5.35.

Krater to get free co-op DLC this month

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Krater is a squad-based action RPG set in post-apocalyptic Sweden. You have to guide your band of mercs into the heart of a cataclysmic scar and loot the hell out of it. But why loot alone? Fatshark today announce that Krater will get a free co-op update on October 23. The DLC will also contain a number of single player fixes based on player feedback.

Crafting and "consequence" are two strong elements that help Krater stand out from the action RPG crowd. Members of your team can be permanently killed if you're not careful. Krater wasn't too well received on launch, but producer Robert Bäckström promises that “The game experience from day one to now is very different." There's plenty more planned for future updates as well, including "new character DLCs." You can follow all the latest on the Krater dev blog.

Public alpha imminent for intriguing action-RPG, Krater

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Krater is attempting to fuse the fast, bloody combat of Diablo with more thoughtful squad management. The devs are listing big names like X-Com and Syndicate as inspirations, and there will be a massive crafting system to back up the exploration and monster mincing. Your squad will change as members leave or die, and as every item in the game can be crafted, you'll have complete control over your squad's gear and set-up.

Krater is about to go into public pre-alpha testing, in which they're aiming to get tons of feedback on an early build. If you'd like to get involved and see how Krater's shaping up, you can follow the latest announcements on the Krater site and follow developers, Fatshark, on Twitter. Meanwhile, here are a few of the latest screenshots from the current build.

Fatshark announces post-apocalyptic RPG Krater, valiantly attempts to explain it

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I've watched Krater's announcement video a couple times now, and I'll be honest with you: I'm not entirely sure what it is. Now, don't get me wrong: I really like some of the things I'm hearing. A post-apocalyptic top-down RPG that's all about exploration and consequence? That's practically enough to have me hook, line, and sinker alone. But what's this about occasional perma-death? And what do you actually, you know, do? Via Game Informer, I managed to dig up a little more concrete info: