Blizzard offices raided over Diablo 3 refund policy after Error 37 strikes Korean gamers

Tom Hatfield at

It seems like the start of a joke, "Did you hear about the company whose DRM was so bad it's illegal?" There's a sour punchline for Blizzard. Tim sends word of a report in the Korea Times stating that Blizzard's Korean offices have been raided by the country's Fair Trade Commission. By "raided" we don't mean they formed a geared up 24 man team of healers tanks and DPS specialists to battle security. Instead some Very Serious Men turned up and seized a bunch of documents looking to secure evidence against the company.

Korea Day: The StarCraft professionals

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Remember those TV shows that tell you to not try this at home because the people you see on the screen are professionals? Yeah, that same rule applies to pretty much everything in this post. When a country is as passionate about StarCraft as Korea is, you better believe that their top players are going to have money thrown at them and hot Korean ladies fainting in their wake. These guys are total videogame-playing badasses and they know it.

Annyeong! It's Korea Day!

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Nobody loves StarCraft more than South Korea does. That's a simple fact of life that should be taught in schools alongside arithmetic and how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. While most nations revere movie stars, athletes and deities, South Korea efficiently turns their best StarCraft players into all three and worships them like the button-mashing wizards they are.

Today is about honoring the fine people of South Korea, who love this game with a fiery passion and are probably freaking out right now because the release of StarCraft II is less than 48 hours away. So grab some kimchi, pull out your Korean-English dictionary and get ready to learn a thing or two about the most extreme StarCraft II fans in the world!