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King Arthur 2: The Role Playing Wargame review

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I’m in a dank bog, talking to the ghostly wife of a Roman lunatic who thinks that he’s the Emperor Hadrian. I’m desperately trying to persuade her to make him go away. Where did my life go so wrong? I’m supposed to be the son of King Arthur, for the Old Gods’ sake.

Arthur is nearly dead, thanks to an exploding Grail, and so it has fallen to you to scour the land and unravel exactly why great big spikes have erupted out of the earth all over the place. Of course, by ‘scour the land’ I actually mean slowly turn a great big map of Britain your colour, because that’s what you do in RPGs. Wait, no, I mean RTSes. Hang on – which is this again?

Win King Arthur 2 and a remarkably classy Choose Your Own Adventure-style book

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Paradox Interactive's King Arthur II has just been reviewed in our latest issue. According to our reviewer, it's "light on the strategy but an intriguing dark fantasy tale."

The Holy Grail has exploded, almost killing Arthur. Your job is to stop through Britain, making important decisions like whether it's worth kissing a faun in exchange for a magic flute.

Paradox interactive have supplied us with ten copies of the game to give away, along with one incredibly classy choose your own adventure-type book that'll be awarded to the wittiest response of all! To be in with a chance of winning, just answer the following question.

King Arthur 2 demo offers one hour of fantasy conquest

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The new King Arthur 2 demo offers a hefty 1.7 gigs of magi-war. Paradox reckons it'll take about an hour to complete the demo, which will let you play through the tutorial and the first campaign mission. That means you'll get to quest, build armies and take cities on the turn-based strategy map, and fight some knights in the quite beautiful real-time battles.

You can get hold of the demo now from Fileplanet ahead of the game's release tomorrow. If you were to pause the demo mid-battle, zoom your face right up to your soldiers and take a few pictures, they could well look similar to the new screenshots below. They show men being exploded by magic, fighting through a forest of ice spikes, and doing battle in a dark forest.

Paradox's Fredrik Wester says gamers are confusing accessibility with dumbing-down

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Paradox Interactive’s CEO, Fredrik Wester, is an outspoken man. He’s one of the most honest company directors you’ll ever come across in the games industry, and he’s not afraid to lambast his own games - most of which are hardcore strategy titles like Hearts of Iron and King Arthur. The games are intricate and rewarding, but getting gamers into them can prove problematic.

“Our games leave you high and dry in the first ten minutes,” Wester told us. The trick to making their games accessible is not to make the game itself simpler, but to hold the player's hand as they're gently introduced to the game world and its rules. “We don’t want to dumb down the experience. We want it to be challenging, but not a chore to learn.”

Total War developers Creative Assembly are masters of introducing complex strategy elements to a more casual audience, and Wester is keen to note that their slickness hasn't gone unnoticed among people who played Paradox's RPG/RTS King Arthur: The Role Playing Wargame. “A lot of people would like to see Total War-like design decisions and maybe we should have chosen that path, done things that make it simpler for people who are used to the same gameplay style,” he said. “I’m not suggesting that it’s actually Fantasy: Total War, but it’s an obvious comparison.”

King Arthur 2 pre-orders come with immediate access to Dead Legion campaign

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As with the original, King Arthur 2 promises Total War-esque strategy with a fantasy twist. It's set in a fairytale version of the United Kingdom steeped in Celtic lore and old Arthurian legends, which means it contains significantly more flying harpies and antlered giants than most Total War titles.

It's available to pre-order now on Steam and, like the faeries of old, is seeking to tempt ye with promises of silvery treasure. If you pay now, you'll be able to start playing the Dead Legion prologue campaign right away. The rest of the game is due to be released sometime later this month, when the old gods deign that the time is right. Find out more about the sequel in our King Arthur 2 preview.

King Arthur 2 trailer has dragons, giants and so many harpies they blot out the sun

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We don't know if the dragons in this King Arthur 2 trailer are unlimited, but they certainly seem numerous, not as numerous as the harpies though, which practically blot out the sun with their colossal numbers. Also on show are the giants, who one of the toughest units in the previous King Arthur game and look suitably smashy and stompy in the sequel.

The monster units were one of the best parts of the original King Arthur, but they weren't many of them and they were often difficult to obtain. The sequel seems to be putting a lot more emphasis on them, which can only be a good thing. If you want to know more about King Arthur 2, check out our preview.

E3 2011: King Arthur 2 trailer brings mythical creatures to battle

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[bcvideo id="983540632001"]
The King Arthur series is one of the few to try and steal Total War's hybrid turn based and real time strategy crown (it's a big and very complicated crown). King Arthur put a neat twist on the formula with the addition of magic, and an endearing recreation of ye olde British folke myths. The sequel ups the ante by adding huge new beasts, hordes of flying units and more powerful spells, all of which feature in the surprisingly stirring trailer above. It has a lot of dragons, sure, but does it have unlimited dragons?