Kinect for Windows

Microsoft shares Kinect for Windows sample code under open source license

Omri Petitte at

Here's a spot of news tracking strongly on the intrigue-o-meter: Microsoft has released sample code for its Kinect for Windows peripheral under the Apache 2.0 license. In other words, the tech giant is giving PC developers a partially open source Kinect to play around with, opening up interesting possibilities for utilizing Microsoft's motion control device in games and other software.

Kinect for Windows confirmed at CES

Adam Oxford at

Microsoft's last ever keynote speech at CES last night was definitely more of a whimper than a bang, with a bit of tubthumping for Windows 8 and its phone range, but not a lot of really new stuff to get excited about.

Except, perhaps, one thing. Kinect for Windows has been confirmed for an official launch on February 1st. It brings the firm's console flavoured motion and voice controller to the desktop proper, with a few tweaks to the original design to make it more desktop suited.

Kinect for Windows to go commercial

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Microsoft has announced that developers will soon be able to charge for Windows software that uses a Kinect as an input device. A non-commercial beta SDK for Windows development has been available to download from Microsoft Research since April, along with various programming resources. But profiting from desktop development has so far been prohibited.

That restriction should be lifted soon after the new year, apparently.