Jon Peters

How Team Fortress influenced Guild Wars 2's class system

Chris Thursten at

If you’ve played an MMO since EverQuest, you’ll be familiar with the idea of the ‘holy trinity’ of healer, tank, and damage classes. It’s an old and tested system, and one that is popular because it allows people to shine in particular roles. Players known to be reliable healers or tanks are worth their weight in gold to guilds looking to take on the hardest bosses.

Guild Wars 2 rejects the trinity outright, opting instead for a system where every class can fill every role - they just do it differently, and the emphasis is on responding to changing circumstances rather than locking down a particular plan in advance. While at ArenaNet last week I asked game designers Ben Miller and Jon Peters whether ditching the trinity threatened a player’s sense of identity.

Guild Wars 2 meets Mech Warrior in the Asura battle suit

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As the small guy on the block, you occassionally need to hire some muscle to get things done on time. The Asura of Guild Wars 2 are doing just that--except they're building their muscle. The newly announced Asura Battle Suit racial skill will put the players in the husk of a golem, allowing you to feel as mighty as the Norn without losing that cute physique we've come to love. It's only a matter of time until one of the tinkering Asura figure out how to mount some rockets launchers on those shoulders. We squeezed Guild Wars 2 game designer Jon Peters for all the extra info he'd give on these magical mech warriors.