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EVE Online dev: Dust 514 will outlast current consoles - but where will it go next?

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Speaking to GamesIndustry International, Jonathan Lander, EVE Online's exec producer, said that CCP has a five year plan for their FPS spin-off Dust 514 and enough ideas to furnish the game with another 20 years of development. It is most certainly not going to be shelved when the current console cycle runs out of life, he said - the implication being that other platforms will get a taste of CCP's shooter when the exclusivity deal with PlayStation comes to an end.

"Shipping the game on PlayStation 3, that's where 100 per cent of our focus is," said Lander. "But our intention is this game will continue to run and operate for many, many years."

CCP talk long-term success: "We're trying to make a game to achieve a different purpose"

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CCP senior producer, John Lander, might be one of the newest additions to the EVE Online development team, but he's already got real insight into why the space MMO is still so popular. Remember, EVE Online has been alive for over nine years, and subscriber numbers have never dropped. Jon says that CCP's motivations might be different than those of other MMO developers who might target new subscribers more aggressively.

By contrast, CCP differentiate themselves before you've even signed up, warning new players that: "The learning curve is steep. The bar to excel is high."

"We're trying to build this virtual world," says Jon. "And the virtual world has meaning for the people who are in it... we're not trying to achieve super subscriber numbers or whatever. Don't get me wrong, that obviously translates into money, which enables us to do this: this grand vision, this grand design that we're playing at."

We ask every CCP man we can find whether DUST 514 is coming to PC

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DUST 514 is a free-to-play first-person shooter from CCP, creators of EVE Online. PC players will get to set up contracts for PS3 players to complete. You'll even get to lay down orbital strikes on the console kids. Watch footage of the awe-inspiring first hit here.

But CCP haven't confirmed that Dust 514 is coming to PC... yet. This confuses me. Our rigs are meaty enough to pull off their target footage in real-time, and we already know how free-to-play mechanics work. Is it coincidence that PS3 Dust 514 has mouse and keyboard support, possibly making any future ports easier to manage? Or that it's uses the PC-compatible Unreal Engine? Also: what do the two mystery pillars that popped up during CCP's keynote represent?